Saturday, June 22, 2013

Phone Chat

I had an interesting phone conversation with Bad Boy the other night. He’s my “go-to” guy whenever I have questions about boys…men. We ended up talking about all sorts of shit. He’s about the only one I can tell that the sex the other night with BD2 was a little rougher than usual and that even though I enjoy rough sex I like a little cuddle time afterwards and I didn’t get that. I KNOW…RIGHT?!?!?! Kitty is not generally a CUDDLER…but after being treated like a dirty little slut Kitty likes a little tenderness.

Bad Boy and I started talking about “Biters”. I have come across a lot of them lately and it’s very strange. They BITE when they are kissing you. What’s THAT about? Bad Boy said they might be testing the waters for a little pain threshold. He also claims that back in the day I bit him so hard on the shoulder when he was finger fucking me. I don’t remember that and repeated several times that it was some other girl. Bad Boy had A LOT of girls back then and I highly doubt it was me.

We talked a little about BD2 and it made me laugh when Bad Boy called him “BD2” because he is just about the only person in my real life that reads my blog. He suggested that maybe BD2 wants that Dirty Little Slut Kitty 24/7 even though we discussed a “relationship”. Bad Boy is a lot like BD2 so I’m thinking maybe he knows what he’s talking about.

I thought BD2 might get off on the fact that Kitty is super straight by day but dirty slut in the bedroom. I thought he might get off on showing me off to his friends and family as this nerdy financial/mother type and when they said “what the hell do you see in HER?!?!” BD2 might smile to himself and picture my mouth around his cock. Or he can take a look at a picture that he took of me sucking his cock with his phone the first day we fucked in that hotel room.

The more Bad Boy and I talked the more I realized how similar we are to one another. We both play it straight outside the bedroom then enjoy the animalistic side of sex on the other side. Bad Boy can appreciate that my body is free of tattoos and piercings and he can appreciate that I am single handedly supporting and raising a bunch of kids but still enjoy a good fucking. Not many men get that I guess. To me it’s a no brainer. I ALWAYS look at a nerdy guy and look for the freak that lies within.

Bad Boy assures me that WHEN we get together we are going to have a lot of fun. I believe him although there is that part of me that knows IF we finally fuck after all these years that things will change between us and I’m not quite sure I want them to.

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I've been told that I am a totally different person in bed than I am otherwise. ;o)

I think there are a few of us with that trait.