Wednesday, June 5, 2013

City Kitty in the Country

Playing with BDII is a lot like playing with my boys from Ashley Madison only better because neither of us is married so we can play where ever or whenever we can arrange it and don’t have to worry about hiding our cars or being seen together in public. Can I just tell you all that I LOVE that!!

Although to a certain degree we DO have to be discreet because Kitty still has the little ones at home. So since BDII has a car show this weekend and I wanted to give him a proper send off, I offered to make the drive up to his place which is well over an hour away. He seemed thrilled with the idea and invited me to stay the night. Isn’t that sweet??? I can’t imagine any of my other lovers making that offer for obvious reasons. But Kitty had to decline because as I said, I still have the little ones at home and it’s the middle of the week so Kitty plans to play hard with BDII then return to my vanilla life.

I carefully planned my route to BDII’s house since I was leaving from work and the ride was still over an hour. At the last minute I decided to use the GPS on my phone and everything was going perfectly until my GPS said “You’ve arrived at your destination.” I looked around and all I saw were FARMS! I turned around and tried to backtrack then broke down and called BDII. He answered and started to become a little impatient with Kitty. In the end I was not far from his house and he talked me in but then Kitty made the futile mistake of parking in the long gravel driveway. “Park up here on the front lawn! Don’t park in the driveway” BDII shouted. This is when I knew I was in the country. If this guy is a serial killer this is the perfect place to do it. In the meantime I got out of the car and followed BD into the house and into what was clearly a sparsely furnished Manpartment. He began to kiss me right away but I pulled away to take a quick glance at the view. It was beautiful out here in the country. We talked briefly and then I realized that the GPS sucked the battery life out of my phone. “Let me run to my car and get my charger,” I said.

“Kiss me first,” BD said with his pants already pulled down exposing his erect cock.

I kissed him on the lips. “Kiss me where it counts,” motioning to his cock.

I leaned over and gave the head of his cock a quick suck and a lick just to let him know I was focused…as soon as I got my charger. I got up and began walking toward the door. He followed behind me, pulled me around and kissed me again, a long deep kiss this time. I immediately became wet. He wrapped his arms around me then put his hand down my pants still kissing me. His aggression was captivating. All I could focus on at that point was getting my clothes off as well as his. As he kissed me and rubbed my clit, I removed my jacket, shoes and belt.

“Bend over the table,” he commanded

I had been longing for him to fuck me from behind so I slipped off my pants and followed his order noticing that not one window in the entire apartment had any type of covering. He slipped inside of me but I suppose the table was too high. He turned me around and led me to the bedroom. Still half dressed he laid me on my back on the side of the bed and began thrusting inside of me. All I kept thinking was how nice he felt inside of me and how to get the rest of my clothes off.

It wasn’t long before he said, “turn over, and get on all fours.” Being the obedient Kitty that I am, I did exactly what I was told and was greeted with the wonderful sensation of his cock inside my pussy and his fingers in my ass. “You like this don’t you? You dirty little slut.”

All I could do was moan yes. “Make yourself cum for Daddy,” he said as he pulled out not one vibrator but two which he had purchased for me. He chose the larger of the two which was huge and purple. “Let me see you take that whole thing in.”

His eyes widened as the huge vibrator all but disappeared inside of me. I moved it and closed my eyes imagining him behind me. I leaned over and kissed him. He began stroking my entire body as I continued to move the vibrator until I couldn’t take it anymore and I let myself go.

Then it was his turn. Kitty went to work giving BDII one of my special blow jobs as I moved my finger in his ass. BDII began stroking his cock as I kissed his lips, ran my tongue down his chest, and nibbled his nipples. “Put your mouth down there,” he ordered as he continued to stroke.

As instructed Kitty moved down to his cock and began to suck the head. I could hear his breathing quicken and then began to taste the salty taste of his cum in my mouth. I moved up to his face and gave him a kiss letting him taste his juices inside my mouth.

We lay still for a few moments enjoying the tension release both of us just experienced. I am thinking about him right now. I wonder if he is thinking about me on his long trip away for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Nice one Kitty, I'm Chubbbbbing....


Naughty Kitty said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Hammer ;)

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