Sunday, June 23, 2013

Text and Dash

BD2 does this thing that drives Kitty absolutely crazy. I call it the “Text and Dash”. I won’t hear from him for days at a time then just when I think it’s over and he has moved on, I’ll get a text. I text back…then…NOTHING!

These are some of the texts I have received over the past week…

BD2: “Thanks for sat nite, had a real good time, hope your having a good day”

Kitty: “How was your Father’s Day?”

Next day…

BD2: “How’s my baby today, just mowed a little now it’s raining.”

Kitty :“I’m good xoxox have you recovered from the weekend?”

TWO days later…

BD2: “good morning [Kitty]”

Kitty: “Good morning baby xoxoxo.” Then Later I texted “How was your day?”

2 hours later he texts “My day was good xoxo”

This morning he texts “How’s my beautiful girl on this beautiful day”.

Notice there is no mention whatsoever about getting together for the weekend. BD2 is going to the Rolling Stones concert Friday and a car show on Sunday. Not sure what his plans are for Saturday but Kitty thinks that since we have agreed to be exclusive and since BD2 is making time and spending money on Mick Jagger that I should at least get a coffee and some kisses on Saturday.

Kitty will be spending this Saturday night RE-EVALUATING. As we all know, Kitty is 1. Not a patient Kitty and 2. Needs ATTENTION otherwise Kitty has a tendency to get into trouble.

The other night Bad Boy pleaded with me not to jump back into a relationship. “Enjoy your freedom,” he said. Now I know what he was talking about. Kitty cannot live by text alone.


petunia said...

You need to give this one the boot to be sure, Kitty. He already takes you for granted and can't be bothered to make an effort. He obviously doesn't deserve you. Stick to your guns, you know you should be treated better than this, so don't settle now or EVER. Kick this one to the curb, pronto.

Naughty Kitty said...

Thanks for your support and wise advice Petunia. Stay tuned. I think you and Kitty agree on this one ;)

Anonymous said...

I think you and I would get along great... The Scorpio in me needs freedom. How can I contact you ?!

Naughty Kitty said...

I'm not sure exactly what you mean but you can contact me through facebook (above right hand corner) or email me at