Sunday, July 21, 2013

Home Alone

This week my kids are going away to camp. I have been looking forward to this kid free week for MONTHS! Now typically I am not the type of person that can’t be alone. I love my alone time. But for all of my kids to be out of the house overnight EVER…well…it’s like ALL THE PLANETS HAVE ALIGNED.

Except for one minor issue…Kitty has nobody to play with. Oh, I thought about calling a few of my special friends and then Kitty realized that this would just open up a can of worms. 

So this week Kitty will be reflecting and spending some quality alone time.

Sure, Kitty is disappointed but HEY…there’s always next year when the kids go away…right???


Red Shoes said...

Oh man!

That is a major downer!!! :o(

No one new on the horizon??


Naughty Kitty said...

I know RIGHT?!?!

Well in all honesty I could call any one of my Ashley Madison men. Hammer is always up for a play date...T-Bone of course.

If I were really desperate I could probably coax Biker Dude 2 but I am sincere in wanting to change. I want the real thing. I adore Tom Hagen and he and I had been planning to play most of the men in my life he seems to be distracted by something or someONE else.

Believe me if anything changes I will be sure to fill you in ;)

petunia said...

Good for you. No re-tread bullshit. If they don't cut the mustard throw the bastards out and begin again. There are plenty of men out there who would be thrilled to be your lover.