Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hump Day

Kitty is going through a rather challenging time lately. I think I read on Bader’s blog or Kat’s blog that it’s almost better not to have sex because after not having it for a long time and then having it, you remember what you have been missing and crave it more. I think that may be what happened to Kitty after my little tryst with Hammer the other day. After that I started thinking about the blog. I miss my blog and aside from not having any material to write about I have no time to write anymore. It makes me sad.

T-Bone has been texting Kitty a lot. Who knows why. I mean I KNOW why but Kitty has been pretty clear about not getting together with T-Bone. Regardless, he texts me and because I will always have a soft spot in my heart for T-Bone, I indulge him.

Today he was bored at work and Kitty was crazy busy. I was rather annoyed when he texted “Are you working?”

My reply was, “Yes. What the fuck do you think I do all day?”

T-Bone is relentless which is both endearing and aggravating so in an effort to torture him a little for a change and have some fun at the same time, I texted, “Don’t think about that time we met and you came on my face.” I could tell I was getting to him because he was texting things like “When are we getting together again? I want to fuck you so bad.”

Then Kitty texted, “Don’t think about fucking me hard from behind with me saying over and over ‘fuck me hard baby’.”

The problem with all of this was while I was clearly getting T-Bone worked into a frenzy, I was also getting myself all hot and bothered. To make matters worse, I had a sitter coming to the house and didn’t have to work late so would be able to fit a play date in should I find a suitable play mate. First I tried Hammer whose wife was out of town. He of course had something going on with the kids. DAMN!

I took a shot in the dark and texted Tom Hagen. Our conversation went kind of like this:

Kitty: You are not around tonight by any chance are you?

Tom Hagen: Around where??
I'm actually going to study for my CDL license
 Kitty: Lol red carpet in *****

Tom Hagen: Haha! Is this a proposition?

Kitty: Say no. I'm trying to talk myself out of it.
Proposition??? No no I was going to help you study

Tom Hagen: So what happened to needing someone more regular?

Kitty: Nothing happened I still feel that way but I am having a weak moment.
Talk me out of it. You have to study
And I am not at all prepared. I'd be coming from work. Not sexy at all

Tom Hagen: Is tonight the only free time you have?

Kitty: Sundays are my day off. Don't give in. Be strong and tell me no!!

Tom Hagen: I need you fully prepared!! Nothing less. Lol
You’re funny! So you don't want me to fill you with my hot cum? Lol
And fuck you hard!

Kitty: Lol well when you put it that way...
It would be hot to meet...fuck hard relieve some pressure then go home...don't you think?

Tom Hagen: Absolutely!!

Kitty: Ok that's not helping
You are supposed to belittle me and make me ashamed
This is not how a nice girl acts!!!

Tom Hagen: I think we are past the belittling and shame.
Nice girls need to get laid too

Kitty: Crap! You make a good point

Tom Hagen: So what are you in the mood for

Kitty: Don't even start! That's what got me in the pickle I'm in right now

Tom Hagen: And what did you do to get this way

Kitty: I would have to tell you in person
Or show you

Tom Hagen: Give me details. There won't be much talking when we meet. Lol
Kitty: Too much to type and I'm still at work

Tom Hagen: Make it short!

Kitty: I am under a lot of stress at work but am leaving regular time. Kids have a sitter. I have time, energy and am super horny

Tom Hagen: Tonight isn't good but can do Friday night or next Tues

Kitty: Ok

Tom Hagen: And don't go calling anyone on your list! Lol

Kitty: I am hoping to be settled and refocused shortly
If you only knew
Tom Hagen doesn’t know about Kitty’s blog. I wonder what he would think if he did.


Jack Bader said...

Too bad that I dont live closer, otherwise I could be your regular...

Hope you find what you want and soon.. I know I need to.

Simplicity said...

Nice girls DO so need to get laid!! Im one of them

Anonymous said...

Sorry Kitty I was not able to make it. Just bad timing for me. However good read here.


Naughty Kitty said...

Aw, Hammer, I know. It's okay but see, that's exactly why Kitty needs to stick with single guys. It's Kitty's turn to be #1 now and I don't want to have to hide or work around wives anymore. I love you for trying though xoxox