Thursday, February 26, 2015

Complaint Department

The other day Kitty was texting with Tom Hagen. Apparently he reads Kitty’s blog pretty regularly. Tom Hagen voiced a complaint. He said too much time passes between Kitty’s posts. Well, I do apologize for that but in reality Kitty’s career does not permit time these days for play dates much less writing.

Having said that, today Kitty received several photos and videos from a former lover. At the same time Kitty was fantasizing about The Cowboy. Oh you know Kitty can’t give up completely on him. Just when I think all hope is lost, he says something or laughs at one of my jokes and my little Grinch heart goes pitter patter.

Kitty got to talk to The Cowboy a few times today regarding an issue that I am handling for him. Here and there Kitty would crack a joke and every now and then he would get the joke and chuckle. I get the impression that The Cowboy doesn’t always appreciate Kitty’s quick wit. Which is a shame because Kitty has been told that I am quite funny not to mention I give pretty good head. The Cowboy doesn't know what he is missing if you ask me.

At one point in the conversation today he was telling me about some sort of “semen rebate” that he gets (for the cows of course). Kitty asked how I can join the semen club. The Cowboy got that joke and sort of chuckled giving Kitty a glimmer of hope.

I confessed to my work bestie that I was fantasizing about fucking the Cowboy while he wears his cross necklace. Oh, I don’t know for sure that he has one but I just bet he does and there is something so dirty and sexy about the idea of riding his cock, looking down at his ecstasy filled face then at the sign of his religion. Don’t ask me why…it just makes Kitty wet.

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