Thursday, June 14, 2018

Rocky Road or Smooth Sailing?

I have to say, it's been a hell of a year! Crazy as it seems Kitty has fallen head over heels with someone who has fallen head over heels with Kitty. We have survived Kitty's crazy season at work, SS's crazier season at work, difficult teenagers and a 10 week long distance relationship. No no no no no no no no please do not think that Kitty is boasting. Kitty is just simply amazed. If you asked me two years ago if I could ever just be with one man, Kitty would say "NO!" And yet, here we are. He's all Kitty thinks about and he's the only man Kitty wants.

I think the thing that really amazes me is that we really have no secrets. Kitty does not lie to SS and he does not lie to Kitty. I really believe that. And while he has said he is not interested in Kitty's sordid past, he does know there is a past and that gives Kitty a certain amount of peace.

This morning Kitty felt compelled to write. When SS stopped off to say good morning and have a good day he walked toward me with a big adorable grin on his face and said, "last night was wonderful. Thank you!"

Now if you ask me, every time SS and Kitty fuck it is wonderful and believe me even though it is mostly vanilla fucking, it is still amazing. I think it is because Kitty gets turned on just from the idea that I can still turn on SS.

One thing that Kitty noticed is that the men I was with before seemed unimpressed. Oh occasionally someone like Biker Dude was impressed by the fact that Kitty "never said no". There wasn't anything that Kitty wasn't up for. Over time, yes, Kitty took some things off the menu but I was still open to whatever my playmate wanted to help get him off. SS is relatively mild with his requests. He likes when Kitty rides him which as you all know is one of Kitty's favorites. He loves doggie which of Kitty's faves. And he sure does love the way Kitty sucks his cock and Kitty just loves that too.

I'm not sure exactly why but every now and then things are a little different...a little naughtier...a little dirtier...not a lot...but just enough to get SS crazed with excitement and Kitty just loves that.

Yesterday SS and Kitty were texting as we do throughout the day. Mostly just different "I love you" emoji's etc. I know...I know...ICK but guess what? SS said something about meeting after some school function Kitty had to go to. Kitty texted something back like "have any cravings?" Now generally when Kitty says that, I am referring to dinner but this time, yes, Kitty was talking about fucking and SS answered in graphic detail about how he wanted to fuck Kitty's tits, cum in Kitty's mouth then kiss Kitty so he could taste his own cum. This sounded like a reasonable request to Kitty but I suppose my response was not enthusiastic enough. SS seemed let down until Kitty assured him that his "wish is my command."

Later when we were in bed, Kitty could tell that SS was even more excited than he normally is which believe me is as excited as an 18 year old boy gets. He began rubbing Kitty's clit just the right way. His hands are absolutely magical. He is a mechanic after all and in all Kitty's experience I have come to learn that tradesmen particularly mechanics are absolutely amazing with their hands. I could tell that he really wanted to fulfill his request as he made me cum just with his hands. Ordinarily we get sidetracked or distracted and once Kitty sees SS's rock hard cock, I cannot help but climb on it to ride. SS never objects of course. But this time was different. Kitty and SS remained focused. "must let SS fuck my tits." Kitty just kept repeating that in my head.

Once Kitty came SS asked, "What would you like now?"

Kitty had one choice, "fuck my tits," I said.

SS squeezed a little bit of lube between Kitty's tits, I squeezed them together around his hard cock sucking on the head every stroke he made toward my mouth. I could feel his body quiver as he came closer and closer to his climax and then he said, "coming". Kitty sucked in a bit of cum, let him finish then kissed him per his instructions.

Just thinking about it makes Kitty wet. This morning as SS approached Kitty to say good morning, I saw his devilish grin and could tell even before he said it that after 15 plus months Kitty can still excite and pleasure SS like the very first time and that makes Kitty happy.


Southern Swinger said...

One of the great joys of a blow job is getting a kiss afterward.My wife always held as much as she could and the we deep kissed with most of my load going in my mouth. Now don't ask me to explain why I did not get off doing a "creame pie" Eating pussy was great but after I had come not so great. I know! Dosen't make a lot of sense

Naughty Kitty said...

You like what you like. It doesn’t have to make sense.