Friday, June 22, 2018

"Nobody is a Bowl of Cherries EVERYday"

It's funny that we are here again and by funny I mean sad. It's me...I know it is. Is Kitty too demanding of attention? Are my expectations too high?

SS used to say "Nobody is a bowl of cherries Everyday." He said that when we first got together. The past few weeks have been...I don't know...a little off. Oh don't get me wrong, the sex is still amazing and yet Kitty is starting to feel a little taken for granted outside of the bedroom.

Case in point, one of my big issues with Angry Guy was that overtime he managed to get out of attending any function with me (weddings, birthday parties, etc) using work as an excuse. I half jokingly tell people that I got to a point before he left where I just needed to learn how to work the grill, mow the lawn and use the weed whacker and he'd be replaced. Those three things took less than a week for Kitty to master.

Now SS works an insane schedule and Kitty has a few months where I work insane hours so I am empathetic. But in no time at all Kitty finds myself going to functions alone or not at all. Today Kitty doesn't even recognize myself. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!?

Last night for some reason flipped a switch for Kitty. The past few weeks have been filled with awards dinners and ceremonies. Kitty would not dare expect SS to attend. Last night Kitty took my kids out and met a group of friends to celebrate. I did invite SS and he declined. Now it's Kitty's fault I suppose for assuming he declined because he was working late and tired. But then half way through our dinner he began sending me pictures of his grandson's graduation from 8th grade. So he DID manage to muster up some energy.

This morning Kitty was invited to a wine pairing at a local winery by a local business. Knowing that SS would decline I asked a few friends if they wanted to go then thought, "WTF?!?!? We are right back here again!" Right back where I was with Angry Guy...filling voids. And we all know that once Kitty is filling voids it's a hop, skip and a jump to cheating town.

Kitty texted the invitation to SS and asked if he'd go with me. "Thank you but I'll pass." with a kissy emoji is the response that I got. And so, reverting back to third grade Kitty texted, "Would you mind if I ask [Man #1] or [Man #2] to go with me?" That was nearly three hours ago and Kitty has not heard a peep out of SS. Believe me I know that this is extremely immature but it's like I can't help myself. It's like the movie "Ground Hog Day".

Not too long ago SS and Kitty were talking about his annual winter trip down south. He leaves for 10 weeks. This past winter was a tough one and he seemed very depressed and lonely. Kitty did not waver and was a good little kitty while SS was away. I have to be honest though. I was sort of hoping that he would opt not to go this winter, When we last talked about it he said, "It's lonely down there when you are in a relationship and the other person is not there. You are not free to go out and party etc."

It was at that point where Kitty took a deep breath and said,"Well, would you like to agree to see other people when you are down there?"

SS immediately said and emphatic ""NO!" But this all got Kitty thinking.

I'm not sure what to do here. I am truly at a loss. I love SS with all of my heart and I know he loves me but does love mean never going out on a date with the ONE you love again? Maybe Kitty is just having one of those days where I am not a bowl of cherries. Maybe tomorrow will be better with SS.

Maybe Kitty needs to find the girl that SS fell in love with in the first place. That was Naughty Kitty. That was "I don't give a fuck if you like me or not Kitty".

Do any of you have any suggestions?


luvinfunnc said...

Sent you an email.

Same sassy girl said...

Maybe you can say, "This is event is important to me... please make time to go." Sometimes the guy doesn't realize it's a problem. Such a puzzle... hope it gets better in some direction!


Naughty Kitty said...

Thank you sassy, I’ll try that. Luvinfunnc, I never received your email ��