Thursday, July 5, 2018

Peace, Love and All That Crap

Yesterday was a weird day for Kitty. My life has taken such a different turn. I mean that in a good way, it's just that I'm so surprised to find myself in a committed, monogamous relationship and actually for the most part content in my vanilla life. Of course as you know from my last post, SS and Kitty have our ups and downs like all monogamous couples but in the end we have a connection that I don't remember ever having with any other man.

For some strange reason I take comfort in the fact that we are not married...well...legally anyway. We are completely committed to one another and Kitty would not cheat but the idea of signing the papers to legalize our relationship makes Kitty's chest tighten and not in a good way.

SS, the kids and Kitty have a little joke among us. Back when Kitty and SS started dating, Kitty made a scrumptious pie for one of the summer holidays. One of Kitty's strengths is that Kitty is a good cook and good baker. So Kitty made a pie and made the mistake of saying,"you know men have asked me to marry them over this pie." Now Kitty simply was trying to get across the fact that the pie was exceptionally delicious. Kitty is NOT looking for a marriage proposal from SS or any other man! Well SS being the teaser that he is continues to torture me over that statement and so with each pie Kitty makes, SS feigns fighting back a marriage proposal after each and every bite. Kitty and the kids have learned to brace ourselves knowing the torture is coming. Between you and me, there are times when SS seems like he really does want to get married but Kitty shuts it down because as much as Kitty loves SS, the thought of being thrown back into the marriage trap scares Kitty and I'm pretty sure you should not feel scared when you think of marrying the one you love so Kitty is taking that as a strong sign to just enjoy what we have which is a marriage without papers.

So in the midst of baking this amazing pie yesterday in the beautiful house that SS has been renovating, Kitty received a text from T-Bone. Yes, you all remember T-Bone don't you? Well, T-Bone over the past few years got divorced then found a girlfriend and now apparently broke up with said girlfriend. So T-Bone and Kitty texted back and forth a bit. T-Bone first said he had so many girlfriends that he can't keep track then asked Kitty if I have any bored friends that might want to fuck him. Okay...Let me just say that Kitty's friends are not nearly as fun or open minded sexually  as Kitty so the answer to that question will always be "NO". Keep in mind, this is my secret life for a reason. Kitty's vanilla friends have no idea what Kitty is capable of in the bedroom. Oh they know Kitty is sassy but they have no idea about my blog or about my secret life...then it wouldn't be secret...DUH!

So if any of my online friends is looking for some action, let me know and I will put you in touch with T-Bone.

Another weird thing that happened yesterday was that Kitty ran into Surfer Dude at our pool. Kitty assumes he saw me and SD, if you are reading this Kitty says "Hi". Kitty's son was with me and although he does not know the entire story of Surfer Dude he knows enough to know that we were involved. The interesting conversation between Kitty and son once we realized that Surfer Dude was there:

Son: "Does he know who I am?"

Kitty: "Probably, we are friends on Facebook."

Son: "I don't get how you can be friends with your exes. I have to cut them off."

Kitty: "It's not the same in this situation. We have no hard feelings. We were never monogamous and we've been friends on Facebook all this time. I have nothing to hide and have no hard feelings. As far as I know neither does he."

So again, SD, if you are reading this, Kitty wants to say "Hi". You look well and I am glad you are happy and I hope that you will not feel uncomfortable running into Kitty. I certainly would never put you or your family at risk for any hurt now or in the future. Peace, Love and all that crap xoxo

Can Kitty just make one more point since it is so difficult anymore for me to find time to post to this blog.

More and more Angry Guy is acting out. Kitty is sure that it is because our kids are grown and just about out of the house. We have been divorced for 5 years now and Kitty has just sold our family home and moved to a new place of my own. AG is probably feeling out of control. DUDE, you are the LAST to know that you have no control over Kitty!!! Anyway, he's been saying some pretty awful things to and about Kitty. On occasion Kitty will reflect on the past and to be honest Kitty has absolutely NO REGRETS about the things I have done in the past especially during our marriage.

Okay when I look back it was insanely stupid and dangerous to meet strange men in hotel rooms for sex. I do not see myself doing that now. Clearly Kitty was acting out but again I have no regrets. Kitty learned so much from those experiences and Kitty grew from each one.

I'm not quite sure how to express this but I get an insane amount of satisfaction knowing what I did and the fact that he could never imagine the things Kitty did during our marriage right under his nose because he was just too fucking lazy to care.

Anyway, just have been wanting to get that all out and to wish you all a safe and happy summer along with peace, love and all that crap :)



I like your blog and I posted it on:

Your blog is amazing!!!

Thank you. Good job!!! 😀

Naughty Kitty said...

Thank YOU! I wish I had more time to write 😊

Anonymous said...

Hi Kitty, Hammer here just thinking of you and what's going on. WOW U moved, good for you all, I chuckle about AG, owell and thanks for being a great person to me. I will always remember you and smile. Hope all goes well for you all forever. xoxoxoxoxo hammer