Thursday, November 21, 2019

A Blast From the Past

Wow! It's been so long since Kitty has written that I couldn't even log on!! I did it though. I can't tell you all how much I miss everybody. The one thing I really miss about blogging is the community of people that we've created. I do like to stay in touch off line so please do not hesitate to email me just to catch up.

As far as Kitty's vanilla life goes, all is well! Kitty is full blown monogamous and not hating it! BF is not a bowl of cherries everyday but then again neither is Kitty. The important thing is that the sex continues to be fun and exciting as well as consistent.

One crazy thing is that Kitty has had several disturbing brushes with the past. This past summer Kitty and daughter were walking to the swim club. We passed a car with a young woman and a man that looked like Surfer Dude. He and Kitty looked at one another but said nothing. We both had sunglasses on so it was difficult to know for sure if it was him.  For whatever reason Kitty was taken aback and somewhat unnerved. Over time the feeling passed. Several weeks ago Surfer Dude contacted Kitty regarding a professional matter. Okay, no problem...Kitty can deal with that. Kitty and Surfer ended up talking on the phone and sure enough the man in the car WAS him!!!

Okay so then BF and Kitty bought a house and have been renovating the house. As a result we have been spending alot of time and money at the local Home Depot. Who do you think Kitty sees working right there in the door department but good old RAV! Does anybody even remember him? Well he's the jerk Kitty wrote the book about. He looked so familiar and at first again Kitty was taken aback. The other night he was there and on his way out. I ask his associate his last name and sure enough it is him. Interestingly enough RAV was some big executive type who traveled worldwide. According to the real estate ads he's selling his million dollar pad and now works at Home Depot. Kitty wants to know what that's about.

Initially Kitty was so disturbed by the latest sighting of RAV and confirming that it was in fact him that I texted my Blogging Bestie. Anyway, he encouraged me to post again.

I warned him that it would not be a sexy post. I apologize for that. I think once things calm down at home and Kitty gets a computer set up in the new place maybe I will try to get back to writing again.

In the meantime I am blessed and truly living my best life. I have no regrets for my past but is the past and I prefer to leave it there.

Happy holidays everybody!!

Love from Kitty


Same sassy girl said...

Kitty! Always wonderful to see a post from you! So happy to read you are alive and well and having fun consistent sex. I've retired so I have time to be extra Sassy!


Naughty Kitty said...

Thanks Sassy! Congratulations on your retirement! Keep in touch will ya?!?!?