Saturday, January 26, 2013


I lost count of how many times I have apologized to AG. He read that last post where I mentioned that I was on Plenty of Fish and did not take it well. Not that it matters but I was truthful when I told him that I haven’t met anybody and probably never will. He equated reading that last blog post to me seeing Hammer on Ashley Madison while we were still fucking. Okay, I get that and I make no excuses but let’s be honest here. Anybody who reads my blog knows that I may never be satisfied with one single cock for all eternity…especially NOW. My God! I JUST got my freedom why on EARTH would I give it up so easily???

There is a simple answer to that…I wouldn’t and I won’t. Anybody who knows me even in my vanilla life knows that. Even my MOTHER knows that. So I do apologize for hurting AG’s feelings by posting a profile on Plenty of Fish but AG, we never talked about love, marriage or any of those things. I have always been completely honest about the fact that I never want to get married (or live with a man for that matter) ever again. 

You have never told me you love me. You never told me you WANT me for that matter or that you LIKE me. We play, we laugh and occasionally we fuck. I miss being friends. I miss some of our playful conversations and for the last time I am sorry for hurting your feelings but this is the last time I will apologize.


Anonymous said...

Wow Baby, Still here reading, sry. if I complicated any problems in the past.

Ur Frnd.

Naughty Kitty said...

No worries Hammer. It's in the past.