Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thank You AGAIN Ashley Madison

I woke up a little early this morning. Things have become absolutely crazy in this house. Not necessarily a BAD kind of crazy. It’s just busy ALL THE TIME. I’ve never been one of those mothers that signs her kids up for a million activities and yet it seems that I am always running them here and there. Not to mention work has become increasingly busy as our “season” is now formally upon us. I don’t mind it so much but it leaves me little or no time to write for my blog or go out for that matter.

Angry Guy? Oh well…he’s around…in his place but “punishing” me by not helping out with the kids. In all honesty I would trade that any day for him still being in this house.
So what has Kitty been up to other than work and kids you ask? Unfortunately Kitty has nothing sexy to report. My friends and I have been playing around on “Plenty of Fish”. This is after signing up for a month here and there of, and the infamous J-Date.

POF is by far my favorite among other reasons because it is free and somehow free rejection is not half as painful as paid membership rejection. Ashley Madison was sort of the same way.

The other night I got a surprise phone call from Bad Boy. I love that he did that! He generally texts me first out of respect for whatever I might be dealing with as far as the kids. Anyway he called and started off by acknowledging that I HATE talking on the phone. Our conversations can go on for hours. Anyway among other things we discussed the dating scene. Bad Boy is strictly opposed to me being on the dating websites. We both agree that I am the kind of gal that you have to meet in person and get to know and then some lucky guy will learn about the Naught Kitty side of me hopefully.

I was telling Bad Boy how disappointed my friends are by these men that they meet.  The men write on their profiles that they don’t want any heavy commitments. My friends sleep with them then think they will change their minds. Kitty knows better. This is because of Ashley Madison thank you very much. Oh and I mean that in a good way! In fact my friends joke that they are looking for husbands and I am looking for playmates. Not much has changed for me in that respect. The only difference now is that I prefer single men.

Oh I get a text every now and again from T-Bone. I did enjoy his company. But as Bad Boy and I were saying the other night, “I did not fight so hard for my freedom to end up dying at the hands of your crazy ass wife!” Let’s not forget that T-Bone has all sorts of artillery available to him and that crazy wife of his. More importantly Kitty deserves to be number one now…or number 2 to kids. That much I can handle.

And so, I want to thank Ashley Madison yet again for giving me the experience that makes this new single life of mine fun as opposed to desperate. I wish you all good luck in your dating endeavors. Amen


Ryan Beaumont said...

It does seem AM washes in and out like the tides. It seems unexpected when standing close but when you look at it I guess it is just a natural progression.

Good luck with the playmates. They can be better than husbands because you can kick them out of your sandbox when they don't play nice.

Chashunk said...

Kitty does indeed deserve to be #1 right now

Marcus said...

Good luck Kitty. I'm glad that AM was able to help you out in that way. I've been thinking about POF, actually did sign up but have not really pursued it. Trying to figure out what I really want first so I don't end up being a dick to some woman I meet.

naughtyangel420247 said...

"Angry Guy? Oh well…he’s around…in his place but “punishing” me by not helping out with the kids. In all honesty I would trade that any day for him still being in this house."

YES with them OUT things are much easier. Sorry he is not helping with the kids at all!