Monday, January 7, 2013

Some Things Never Change…and Never WILL

The other night I received a text from XXX. This is quite out of the ordinary, especially when he is in the midst of reconciling with his wife. We haven’t seen each other or spoken for a few months now. We email occasionally but simply on a professional level. It’s as though that period of time when we were sleeping together never happened. Either way I am good with it. I made a good move by leaving Big Cheese and XXX professionally. I hadn’t realized it until XXX started texting me. He started out by asking if I was “out on the town”. XXX has certain arrogance about him especially when he is in the midst of reconciling with his wife. Having known him for as long as I have I know now that this is a shield he uses when he is unhappy and when he is with her, whether he likes to admit it or not, he is very UN-happy.

Since I was snuggled up in bed and intrigued as to why he was texting me on a Saturday night I replied to his text. I didn’t actually speak with him but I guess he had an argument with his wife about his weight. Yes, there are times when XXX’s weight fluctuates and he just quit smoking so I know he put on a little bit but he is not obese by any stretch of the imagination. His wife is just a cunt and looking for any excuse to pick at him.

I jokingly asked if he wanted me to come over and finish what she started. He had taken her out to dinner and I suppose the argument was her way of avoiding sex that night. XXX “lol’d” my text then proceeded to tell me he was going to sneak out and sleep at his apartment because his wife has him sleep on the couch now because he snores…”since he is so fat”.

These are the things that make me furious. As if that wasn’t bad enough he started needling me about Auditor Guy. “How are things? Does he call you every day? What did he buy you for Christmas?” you know…all that crap. XXX was looking for some sign that I am as miserable as he is. He’ll never find it. Listen, everybody has their days and yes even Kitty has a bad day here and there but the joy of having my freedom is enough to keep me happy at least for now.

Last night I texted XXX to see how things ended up. I guess he got back in the bedroom so he blew me off like so many times before. XXX and his situation with his wife are never going to change. That is sad for him. I need to move on now.


Red Shoes said...


Be wary of people who are only 'there' when things anre't going well for them.


Same sassy girl said...

Wow! I was wondering when tripleX would pop up again.

Sorry to be a cynic, shoes... if we're wary of men who only come around when they're alone or in trouble, you'd have to be way of most of them!


Naughty Kitty said...

Sassy for the most part I agree with you but in the case of XXX Shoes is right. He only has time for me when his wife is down on him. The sad part is that he is more down to earth then too so it's really the only time I want to be around him. Since we don't work together anymore we really don't see eachother so it could potentially just be a matter of time before we fade out of one another's lives. I realized a long time ago that there is not a future for XXX and I as anything more than friends so the sting is not like it would have been a year ago. Thanks to both of you for all of your support.

flying solo said...

It's hard to face the fact that person you "want" your lover to be is not really that guy. I admire your strength and I am glad you can sort of chuckle at it all in hindsight.


Advizor54 said...

I haven't been around much lately (sorry) but I have to agree that Shoes is right, because I see it in myself as well. If friends are friends only when they need something from you (companionship, sex, affection, feedback etc.)

I have to be very careful when i'm in those moods because it's easy not to treat people well.

"Moving on" is tough, but you know what you have to do, drop, block, ignore.

Naughty Kitty said...

I wrote a whole long comment on this Advisor then it got wiped out. I finally have a moment to respond. I loved your comment "drop, block, ignore." And believe me I am not in a bad place at all with XXX. It's frustrating to watch someone act so gullible but I have no interest what so ever in carrying on a romantic relationship with him. As always thanks for your support.