Friday, May 15, 2015

Playing The Game

It's that time of year when Kitty gets pretty slow at work and that means Kitty goes looking for trouble. The past few weeks have been interesting to say the least. One thing that Kitty found interesting was Mother's Day. Even though Kitty does not consider myself high maintenance when it comes to such Hallmark Holidays it always fascinates me which of my lovers I hear from and which I do not. Kitty tries not to take things so personally but when I took a closer look at who I didn't hear from as opposed to who I did hear from was telling to say the least. Some surprise texts/emails came from "The Salesman", "Bad Boy", "Down and Out", "Tom Hagen", and "Angry Guy".

Kitty will keep the list of who I did NOT hear from to myself but I am always curious as to what that means exactly. One person who I was surprised not to hear from is someone new. His name is "Esquire 2"/E2. E2 is an enigma to Kitty and actually any advice my readers have to offer would be appreciated.

E2 is single...well...separated. He's kind of cute and terribly funny which is a huge turn on for Kitty. E2 is also extremely perceptive which is also a big turn on. We had actually met several years ago when we were both married. More recently E2 began to socialize with one of Kitty's vanilla besties. Kitty uses the word "socialize" because my bestie insists they were not dating although by Kitty's standards they were dating with one exception...they did not fuck. The irony is that my bestie described E2 as a "pothead" and a "sex fiend". I think you all know where this is going...

So months ago Kitty made it my mission to meet E2 and hopefully hook-up. Fate stepped in and I needed his professional advice so I happily made an appointment with him dropping my bestie's name and damned if he didn't pick up the phone and call Kitty himself as opposed to having his secretary do it.

At our meeting I forget exactly what Kitty said but I made a joke about my phone having some unsavory things on it. After our meeting E2 took my number and we agreed to go out with my bestie for happy hour. No sooner did Kitty get home I received a text from E2, "wondering what's on that phone of yours".

E2 and Kitty have been talking and texting ever since. E2 is quite busy as you all can imagine and we talk about getting together for drinks...or fucking quite often but in the end...we don't.

This week E2 didn't text Kitty for two full day's. That's out of the norm for him but all of Kitty's sources say the same thing, "let him make the first move."

The fact that he went for as long as he did kind of hurt Kitty's feelings. Kitty was kind of getting a little wet for this guy and then...nothing.

This morning I woke up at 5 like most mornings. There was a text from him from last night saying, "behaving?"

Kitty: If I say no will you spank me?

E2: No problem

Kitty: What if you are naughty WITH me?

E2: U tell me

Kitty: I'd tease you

Kitty then went on to describe the lap dance I would do for E2 while his hands were tied. I'm not certain but I believe I got E2 fairly worked up. In the end Kitty had to head into the gym and told E2 to have a great day. So Kitty is trying to "play the game". I'm trying to let E2 hunt for me because all of Kitty's advisors say that men like the hunt. That's kind of difficult for Kitty. Kitty is impatient to say the least. But Kitty likes this guy and not just as a fuck buddy. Kitty can see myself with him. So Kitty needs to play this game with E2 in order to let him think he is hunting when in fact Kitty is really the hunter. So what do you all think? How can Kitty catch this one?

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Anonymous said...

Kitty, how much I do want to spank you. Hmmm