Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Principal Skinner

The other day Bad Boy and Kitty were talking on the phone. I was telling him the story about E2 as well as my threesome experience since we haven’t had a chance to chat since that. Bad Boy was telling Kitty that his group at work was talking about online dating and safety compared to meeting someone in a bar and going home with them. Bad Boy has voiced his concern for Kitty’s safety on many many occasions and although I assured Bad Boy that my days of meeting strange men in hotel rooms for the first time was over, he made me promise to text him the name and phone number for anybody new that I did decide to meet.

No sooner did I make the promise, Kitty came across a new potential playmate on Ashley Madison. He claimed to be a principal of a local high school. This intrigued Kitty. How many of us fantasized about fucking our high school principals??? Well Kitty sure as hell did!! So Principal Skinner (Thanks Blogging Bestie for helping to give him a blog name) caught Kitty’s attention right off the bat and it took him no time at all to send Kitty the most beautiful picture of his huge rock hard cock. The sight of it made Kitty’s mouth water not to mention my pussy.

He wanted to meet desperately for a drink and Kitty knew that meant a blow job in his car. Fool Kitty once… So…yes…it was Kitty’s recommendation to meet at a hotel. E2 left Kitty wanting more. He left me empty. Principal Skinner assured Kitty he could not meet me over the long weekend as he had a house full of company for the holiday. 
Kitty, preparing for my own company and festivities let the subject lie.
Saturday morning I got a text from him asking where I would be in the afternoon. He was out of the house for a meeting and could get a room for us. Kitty faced with the decision to blow off housework for the sexual satisfaction I had been craving since the week before accepted Principal Skinner’s invitation and met him at the hotel not before texting Bad Boy as promised his first name and phone number. “Tags too”, Bad Boy texted back but before I was able to text them Principal Skinner was standing at my car door ready to escort me to the room.

He stood at least 6 foot 4 inches and a good 225 pounds. He towered over Kitty and although his face bared a striking resemblance to XXX he frightened me just a little bit. It was at that moment that I swore to myself I wouldn’t be doing this again.
He led me to the room by my hand, closed the door and immediately began kissing Kitty. I began to remove my clothes and he watched me as I pulled my blouse over my head and pants down to my feet revealing my supple breasts and already moist pussy. Kitty reached down and could feel already that his cock was hard and it was huge. Kitty unbuttoned his shorts to expose his cock. “Well…get down on your knees and suck it,” He commanded.

Kitty followed Principal Skinner’s orders looking up at him as I sucked on whatever I could fit in my mouth. He was extremely patient with this as Kitty moved slowly preventing myself from choking. He grabbed my hair but did not force me which gave me the impression many women had been unable to fit his entire cock into their mouths.

“Get up on the bed and lay face down.”

 Kitty followed orders although I was turned on; I was also quite frightened at the same time. He began kissing the tops of my shoulders, licking then biting…biting HARD. All I could think of was that he was going to leave marks and maybe just maybe it wouldn’t matter once my body decomposed in the shallow grave that Bad Boy and I joked about on several occasions.

Kitty leaned into the pain at first but then quickly turned over when the pain turned to tickling. Principal Skinner threw my body around like a rag doll, fucking me in every position until he finally let me ride that huge cock of his. He sunk in deep and Kitty felt like cumming almost immediately as he said, “You like that big cock don’t you?”

“I like that big cock,” was all I could say as he moved his hips to the rhythm that I started. Kitty touched my nipples as I rode him then he cupped his hands over mine. Once again he said, “you like that big cock, don’t you?” And before I could agree, I let out a moan and scream, “I’m cumming!”

We continued to move together after Kitty’s first orgasm and I was sure I could and WOULD cum again. The beauty of Principal Skinner being so much taller than Kitty is that he was able to fuck Kitty is just about every position where as shorter men are sometimes unable to fuck Kitty doggie style for whatever reason. Considering this 

Kitty requested, “Fuck me doggie style.”

Principal Skinner picked his head up from between Kitty’s legs as he was giving Kitty some pretty decent oral at that point. He flipped me over again and easily slid his cock in from behind fucking Kitty harder and faster than I can ever remember. He paused for a moment, laid Kitty on my side then lay on his side with our legs intertwined then slowly fucked kitty until his face became flush and Kitty could tell he was cumming.

He immediately moved down once more between Kitty’s legs licking, and sucking Kitty’s clit for orgasm number 2. Kitty was pleased. “So are you going to tell me your REAL name now?” He asked as we lay drained. 

In an effort to be playful Kitty said, “No” at first then got up out of bed and handed him my business card. He didn’t look at it. He just slipped it into his wallet.

We chatted for a few more moments. He was spooning Kitty from behind which is Kitty’s all time post orgasm position. We both said we needed to go and then he rubbed up against Kitty, instantaneously got hard as Kitty got wet, climbed on top of Kitty. He threw my legs over his broad shoulders and fucked me missionary style until I screamed with pleasure and he came for his second time.

There was no time to recover after that. Kitty and Principal Skinner both had to get going. He jumped in the shower quickly to wash off the afternoon’s sex as Kitty slipped back into my clothes.

As we left Kitty texted Bad Boy that I was safe and swore to myself that I would never do that again.


Anonymous said...

Makes me want to extend my next trip in your neck of the woods.

Naughty Kitty said...

Thanks. I think I'm going on a little hiatis.

GoodWill said...

Oh kitty...love when you share, even when you say you'll never again. Stay safe, take care of yourself...but have fun!

Anonymous said...

I am just thinking I could get you to break your hiatus.

Anonymous said...

Now the question is, did the principal need to discipline his student?

bdenied said...

such a delicious and sexy little kitty.....a