Monday, May 18, 2015

"Whole Lotta Love"

The weekend was jam packed with activity. Kitty had lots of vanilla errands to run and since I hadn’t heard from E2 I promised to take my kids to a movie and dinner. Sure enough mid afternoon on Saturday he texted, “What are you doing later?”
All the books and all Kitty’s vanilla friends say to tell him, “I’m going out with a friend.”  So I did. At the same time Kitty was texting a vanilla bestie who said, “It sounds like he’s trying to ask you out.”

WTF?!?!?!? Kitty just can’t win. So I told E2 I’d meet him afterwards. Although we hatched a plan, Kitty made the mistake I often make which is asking E2 how long it’s been…since he’s fucked. He said a few weeks. Why oh why does Kitty ask that question. The answer always seems to be the same and it always make’s Kitty feel bad. E2 asked Kitty, “What are you looking for?”

For the first time Kitty was able to describe what I am looking for. “I want to be someone’s #1. I’ve stood behind jobs, kids, wives and other girlfriends for years and now it’s my turn to be #1.” And while E2 said he understood, he assured Kitty that he was not looking for a girlfriend.

And Kitty being Kitty agreed to meet E2 at his place for a drink even though we want different things and even though I knew we would end up fucking.
E2 has a quaint little house on the water out in the country. It’s quite different from Kitty’s house at the beach. The view of the lake was incredible. E2 fixed Kitty a drink, turned on the classic rock channel on iTunes and we sat out on his deck talking for a few hours. He asked Kitty several times, “What do you think of this view?”
We talked about sex. We talked about work. We listed to Clapton, Pink Floyd and then…it was time for Kitty to leave.

“See, I kept my hands to myself,” E2 said “Maybe we can hang out again.” He stood up to give Kitty a hug…and then Kitty kissed E2…a gentle peck on the lips at first and then the kiss became deeper and more passionate. Kitty felt E2’s enormous bulge between us and I wanted him. E2 unbuttoned Kitty’s jeans and reached inside to rub my clit. Kitty reached in and felt his cock. It was quite possibly the biggest Kitty has ever seen.

“Let’s go inside,” Kitty said “Where do you want me?”

“On the Couch,” he answered. He turned off the lights and left the music blaring. 

Immediately I knew why he wanted to fuck on the couch…the view of the lake. E2 sat on the couch watching Kitty slowly take off my blouse. I slipped of my bra which E2 had unclipped out on the deck. He took off his shirt. Kitty slipped off my pants then knelt in front of E2 as he sat back. I pulled off his pants exposing his huge cock then slowly put it in my mouth trying to take in the entire thing. His hands gently rested on my head and I could hear him slightly say,”oh that feels good.” As the music pulsated. 

Kitty moved up and began to ride E2’s cock. His cock filled Kitty so much so that I could hardly move. He rubbed Kitty’s nipples sucking the right…then the left. The music was so loud. It was Robert Plant singing, “Whole Lotta Love.” Kitty was just about to tell E2 that I couldn’t come when he grabbed both of my nipples nibbling on each as I moved up and down on his cock to the rhythm of the music, “I’m gonna give you every inch of my love.” And then…as Kitty was nibbling E2’s ear, he was sucking my nipples, I was riding his cock and Robert Plant was screaming, “I’m gonna give you every inch of my love,” Kitty came and moaned in E2’s ear. He continued thrusting inside of Kitty and said, “How’s that pussy feel?” Kitty’s pussy felt pretty good but it was E2’s turn to cum. “Turn around,” he said. Kitty turned around and rode E2’s cock reverse cow girl. That’s when I saw it. That’s when I could see what got E2 off. As E2 fucked Kitty from behind, I could see the lake out of the window…the moon overhead. He was looking at it too.

I stood up for a moment, E2 stood up and I could hear him over the music say, “go down on me.” He stood facing the lake as I knelt in front of him trying once again to take in his entire cock. For the first time in a long time Kitty began to gag. E2 stroked his cock and held the head in Kitty’s mouth. Kitty sucked and licked until I felt the sweet taste of cum in my mouth. E2 let out one last moan. Kitty stood and tried to kiss E2. He pulled away. He didn’t want to kiss Kitty with the taste of cum still in my mouth.

“It’s yours,” I said

“Don’t use your tongue,” he answered.

This struck me as funny. Kitty gave E2 one last kiss and snuck my tongue in his mouth. Kitty is very naughty.

I haven’t heard from E2 today. I didn’t expect to hear from him. I don’t expect to hear from him tomorrow either. I knew what I was doing. I’m not sure exactly why I fucked E2 knowing it would be the end. Maybe Kitty is weak. Maybe Kitty is lonely for the touch of a man…any man or maybe Kitty just wanted to share a good feeling with a man that I have grown to like if only for one night.


Jack Bader said...

I'm glad that you got what you wanted but sad I the same instance. I hope you can find someone where you will be #1.

Oh and jack would not pull away if you tried to kiss me afterward...

Naughty Kitty said...

Thank you Bader. I am ready to be somebody's #1.