Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cocoa Dick

My friend “Red” just commented that ice cubes are supposed to have a positive effect when “pleasuring a man orally”…okay giving a guy a blow job.

You know I am up to try just about anything especially if I can blog about it later. There is just one thing standing in my way. It’s “The Angry Guy”.

“The Angry Guy” doesn’t like to bring food into the bed. He thinks it’s “messy”. Dude, I am TRYING to be adventurous here! Okay, you got me. I am also trying to eat dessert. What can I say; I am a multi-tasker.

I could probably push the issue with “The Angry Guy” but I know deep down that he is right. He is always right about these things.

I just know that there would be a big chocolaty mess in my sheets and I’d either have to change the sheets in the middle of the night when I usually like to roll over and fall asleep or I will wake up to a big mess.

Damn I hate when “The Angry Guy” is right and I am trying to be sexual.

I am going to add that to my sexual bucket list. “Spread nutella on a man’s dick and lick it off”.


redpl said...

the ice is also supposed to work the other way, when a man pleasures a woman orally - tried it once with a guy that was into it. It did add to the whole experience but that could also have been because I was drunk and I had been wanting to be with this guy for some time.

JerZey Girl said...

LOL Red! You are TOO funny.

KittyCat said...

Im not too into anything cold. brrrrrrr

Now I am totally into the use of pop rocks and blowing a guy.

Just sayin

JerZey Girl said...

OOHH Poprocks!! I will have to try that!