Friday, July 8, 2011

“Supersex” The Review

When I first read Kittycat’s review of “Supersex” I was oh so excited. She highly recommended it so I purchased it online straight away. I was pleased at how quickly the book arrived. The first issue of course is that when any package arrives at our house EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE wants to know what it is. I do a lot of ordering on QVC and Zappos and now of course on Amazon. Did I mention that if you shop on Amazon through my website I get like half a penny? Hey, those penny halves add up so shop away!

So the book arrives and I open it discretely and quietly realizing what it is. Of course it came today which is the one day that EVERYBODY is home and anxiously awaiting. I opened it quietly and then made the mistake of flashing it to “The Angry Man” who made a pleased noise as opposed to his usual “Is that ANOTHER cookbook you won’t use?” noise.

As soon as the noise came out of “The Angry Man’s” mouth, #1 who is hibernating in his mini man cave corner playing on his computer says “What’s that?” He was so curious that he actually picked his ass up off of his comfy overstuffed chair and ottoman. “The Angry Man” said “none of your business.” This only intrigued #1 more. I took the book out of “The Angry Man’s” hands and began to head upstairs to change and put the book in a more private place when #1 met me to see JUST what I had. I knew it was wrong and I knew I would be scarring him for life but I wanted to get that pain in the ass off my back so I flashed him the book. The cover itself although sensual is not inappropriate. The title of the book is not neon. Tasteful is the way I would describe it…tasteful for a sex manual that is.

Flashing that book to #1 was like holding garlic up to a vampire. He made a disgusted sound and walked briskly in the opposite direction. To add insult to injury I said, “Don’t bother asking if you can borrow it”. Yes, I am one of those obnoxious, immature mothers but he asked for it.

Upon first flip through the book seems nice. Illustrated for people like me who can’t wipe their own asses without a set of directions. All of the bodies both men and women were beautiful by the way.

There are a lot of step by step instructions which generally I like but I have read these before. In fact I am tempted to say this book is just a bunch of articles from “Cosmopolitan Magazine” with more pictures.

My suspicions coincidentally were confirmed. This morning I came downstairs to find the latest issue of “Cosmo” on the front table. It was not mine. It obviously came from #1. At first I thought maybe he was toying with me after the brown wrapper incident and then I realized the magazine must be his girlfriend’s. I am wondering what the hell she needs this magazine for. She won’t be “Seducing Him with Moves that Work from 20 Feet Away”…at least if I have anything to say about it!

So that is a good example of exactly the type of information that is in “Supersex”. There is actually a diagram of a couple having sex while the man is standing and the woman is doing a handstand. I sort of just have to laugh at that one…not that I wouldn’t try it but it just goes to show you how important gymnastics in high school gym can be. I am wishing I practiced more back then.

So here is the thing with the book. I paid all of $7 for the book including shipping and handling so it was not a big investment. It was a good read. There was a lot of information about getting in the mood and relaxing to get in the mood. I don’t need any of that. I can turn a switch and get “in the mood” but according to what my gynecologist tells me I am out of the norm. In fact, I believe at my last visit she said “we need to bottle whatever you have and sell it”.

Initially I was opposed to recommending this book for purchase however the book has brought a few things into this house. 1. I am not a frigid female…I know big news flash. 2. It opened up a communication between “The Angry Man” and I which I love. I told him where the book is and he seemed somewhat interested in browsing through that. I am not sure if he has or not but I think if he looks through it he may pick up some ideas or if nothing else realize that there are people out there doing this shit and it is not just shit I am coming up with off the top of my head.

Bottom line is I recommend reading this book. If you can get it out of the library I would start there and if you like it that much that you want to own it then  I recommend buying the cheapest way…AMAZON…THROUGH MY BLOG of course!

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