Friday, July 15, 2011

Is It Cheating to Fantasize?

Once upon a time there lived a much younger, thinner more beautiful version of me that did not enjoy…SEX!! I know…right?!?!?!

To be honest I am not sure if the problem was with me or with my Ex husband. It is really a shame actually because if memory serves, he was pretty well endowed just didn’t use the THING properly. Okay so for argument’s sake let’s assume that the problem was with HIM. I am smiling by the way as I type this.

When the Ex and I were separated I had a “life changing” experience. Basically I had a night of “passion” with a fellow classmate while attending school. This was a rebound thing. Bottom line is that I learned quite a bit about the act of sex and learned how to let my inhibitions go and most importantly learned how to relax.

This in my opinion is the key to a great sex life. From that point on each and every time I had sex was excellent to say the least. It is no secret that I enjoy my husband and will continue to enjoy him. My question is…if one is to fantasize about another partner while you are in the midst of the act is that considered cheating?

Now if “The Angry Guy” were to tell me that he was thinking about some hot piece of ass that he works with I am not sure that I would be insulted. It is easy for me to say however because I know that he doesn’t. I know that HE considers it cheating…okay I will ask him but I am 95% sure he will say that in his opinion it is cheating.

I would assume that quite a few men fantasize that they are with different women while with their significant other but I haven’t had the discussion with female friends.

Sometimes I like to imagine myself in a threesome. I have been thinking about that a lot lately. Two men of course. HEY! It’s MY fantasy! If you want two women then read someone else’s blog.

I would love to have one guy behind me while I am top of another. Guy #2 underneath me is either sucking my nipples, kissing my lips or licking my…

Another idea would be Guy #1 behind me and I could be sucking on Guy #2. Am I the only lady out there who loves my mouth occupied while fucking? I mean I love receiving oral don’t get me wrong but I much prefer kissing or giving a blow job while having something else done to me.

Any thoughts on the subject?


redpl said...

Wow - you really go into detail don't you? I love the fact that you can write about it, not many people can admit that they have thought of a threesome. Not sure I would like a threesome but I do like being stimulated at the top and bottom at the same time. so maybe I would need 2 men or maybe just one who knows what he's doing. By the way, cheating is the act of being with someone else sexually. Not fantasizing, not talking or emailing but the actual act or anything leading to the actual act. And yes, a blow job is much more fun when something is being done to me - definitely.

JerZey Girl said...

I agree Red. Believe me I actually held back a little. i could have gotten even more graphic.