Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Dick Pic Game

I have a Facebook friend that refuses to believe that the men who comment on my Facebook page are not “into” me. He insists that these guys have “crushes” and that they think I am “hot” and “want” me. My Facebook friend is CLEARLY delusional and from another part of the country!!! LOL Sorry Dude, I love you but this could not be farther from the truth.

I will admit that I have quite a few male friends on Facebook but I also have quite a few female friends. One of my totally cool female friends turned me on to this blog that publishes HNT (Half Nekked Thursday) photos for those of us who do not feel comfortable posting on our own blogs.

For the record NOBODY wants to see any half naked photos of me…I assure you. “The Angry Guy” is legally obligated but even HE doesn’t want to see any shots of me half naked. Aside from this website it turns out that there are quite a few…um…DICK photos floating around. I always knew they were out and about on the general internet but my friends are receiving them via personal email. What the fuck?!?! Nobody is sending ME their DICK shots!!!!!

What the hell?!?! Am I not worthy??? And before you ask, YES I did just consume a strong cup of coffee as well as a chocolate glazed Dunkin’ Donut. The over use of exclamation marks, question marks and the cap lock are a great indicator.

So I wanna know if nobody is sending me dick shots because I am not hot enough? To me that would be a compliment of sorts. It is like a guy saying “Hey, how’s your day going? I am thinking about you and this is what I think.” Oh, yeah I am talking about and erect penis please. I would appreciate it if my male friends would refrain from sending their flaccid dick shots. That would just make me feel worse about myself.

Perhaps if I build a collection we can have a game. Like “Identify the Dick” game. Maybe I can get Babeland to donate a toy as a prize and whoever matches the dick with its owner will win a prize. Dudes don’t laugh too hard. This is how Mark Zuckerberger started out.


KittyCat said...

One I am totally voting that you post an HNT photo.

2. I get cock pics all day long. You want me to share some with you?

They are so beautiful. : ) love them.

JerZey Girl said...

Dude, I tried to take a picture for HNT and quite frankly I am a lard ass. There is nothing on this body worth photographing for a site that is supposed to turn people on.

Coincidentally the day after posting this I DID receive some dick pics from a friend of mine and I have to say they were BEAUTIFUL! I am tempted to post the pics where you can't see his face on my blog but I want his permission first.

It's more of an ego thing for me. I can look at dick pictures online anytime but if someone takes the time to think of ME that makes my day ;)

Chashunk said...

Clearly and surely part of the excitement and fun when it comes to nudity is due to our society's attitude that it is dirty and forbidden. Thus nudity is something that You only do in private. So it is natural that for some of us to flaunt those rules and dare to bare it all. It's being a rebel, it's the danger of getting caught, it's the smile and laugh that the observer gets seeing me nude, It's the danger of getting caught, it's the thrill of the unknown, it's the liberating feeling of being nude. There are many reasons why one can enjoy being photographed nude too.

JerZey Girl said...

It also helps that you have such a fine physique and a beautiful dick.