Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Last week was a SUCKY week…except for meeting Hammer of course. Sorry Baby ;)

Several people I know died which of course sucked. The area where I live is starting to flood with tourists for the summer so all of the restaurants and roads are unbearably crowded.

Another thing that got me down is that one of my very best friends had a fight with her boyfriend. They broke up. They have been together almost as long as Angry Guy and I. Her boyfriend has “commitment issues” so they weren’t planning to get married. After all of this time we never really discuss it. They were as good as married except when things got bad last week she got up and left. She just got tired of his shit and walked out the door.

Part of me was really proud of her. Another part of me was sad for her. She had the freedom to pick up and leave. It was only a matter of getting her belongings out of the house. On the other hand it was just so easy for her to leave. It was JUST a matter of getting her belongings out of the house.

I knew they would work things out but it still made me sad. She was sad and as you all know, I LOVE my friends. Their pain is MY pain.

I’m not sure why I feel my friend’s pain from all of this. I am sure it has something to do with my situation and knowing that there are so many people out there including myself that make bad choices and betray their spouses in so many ways.

Maybe it DOES have something to do with the fact that this guy won’t marry her and although I know that marriage isn’t necessarily the best option, to those who have never BEEN married…well…it might be something on her bucket list.

And so yesterday when I met my friend for lunch I was happy to hear that her boyfriend had done the right thing and called her to apologize for his atrocious behavior and believe me it WAS atrocious. They will work things out. I knew they would. I am glad they will. I just hope he realizes how truly wonderful she is and gives her whatever it is that she needs for the rest of their lives.

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