Monday, June 4, 2012

Weak Moments

The other day on my way out for the day, I stopped in XXX’s office just to say hi. He was alone and sitting at his desk as usual. We chatted a bit very casually. He’s pushing through with his divorce…supposedly. He made a comment about his “10 Year Plan”. He has a financial model that will make him a multi-millionaire within ten years. I told him I would marry him at that point and so now we joke about that. We talked a little bit about divorce, child support then dieting. I told XXX that I need to lose this weight so that I have some game when his 10 Year Plan is underway.

XXX is always telling me that I am “Fine” even though we both know I need to lose this damn weight. The day before we were working together and he told me several times “You look good today. You look really really good.” I assumed it was my afterglow from my afternoon with Hammer so I just smiled.

So yesterday when XXX and I were talking about diets and what not he said “I almost CALLED you yesterday.”

“Wait, I was here yesterday…working…with you.” I was confused for a moment and then something in his eyes told me what he really meant.

“Would you have met me?” he asked.

Without even thinking I said “yes,” but then hesitated a bit.

We began talking very frankly about starting our affair again. He said “I am trying to figure out a way so that you don’t get hurt again.”

I agreed and said, “No I don’t want to get hurt again. We are in such a good place now.” I told him that things would be different. I told him it would have to be just the two of us in his bed and not Angry Guy or his cunt wife.

So we decided to talk about it next week…XXX and me.
All sorts of thoughts crossed my mind after that. I thought about that drive over to XXX’s place. I thought about his kiss. I thought about his touch. I thought about him calling out my name as he cums. I wondered if sex would be better now since we have discussed it at length over the past few months. I thought about his crystal blue eyes and how to this day I can only look at him for a few moments at a time without melting into his eyes.

I feel as though if we both wait it out that feeling, that urge will pass. XXX and I are friends now. He has weak moments and I have weak moments but we support eachother. I can tell him I will fuck him if he needs it and maybe just knowing is enough. He has done the same for me. We have not acted on it. When one of us is weak the other shows support until we can get our bearings. Wait…isn’t that what a true friendship is?


Ben said...

At least you are both aware that you do not want to hurt or hurt each other. That may be a start to an affair on a mutually-acceptable basis.

Naughty Kitty said...

I think you missed the point. I'm not going back with XXX. We both agreed it just won't work.

WestsideTori said...

I know I keep telling you this, but to me it doesn't sound like friendship, it just sounds like you are teasing each other. If you don't want to have sex, stop talking about it with each other all the freakin' time. And if XXX cared about hurting you, he wouldn't keep dangling it out there at you (pun intended).

Just callin' it like I see it, as always.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree. You know nothing about me OR Kitty.