Monday, June 25, 2012

A Story By The Hammer

Long before Hammer and I hooked up we became cyber buddies. He began writing a story for me. I saved it and have just now had the opportunity to read it, edit it and post it. So enjoy! This is from my VERY special friend Hammer…

The meeting was at a diner for coffee. I waited for her to arrive, thinking of all the possibilities of what could happen but staying true to my ways. She walked in, I knew it was her. She looked just like her picture. I cocked my head, raised an eyebrow and smiled. She returned the favor with a smile. She threw her head back to show off her hair and took a step towards me. I rose to greet her. I wait as she stopped. I looked at her from her lips into her eyes and said “Hello”; anticipating what her voice would sound like and to finally put my mind at ease.

She sat. I sat next to her to make her feel nervous and a little off balance. I ask "Coffee?" "Yes", I sign to the waitress, she brings it over and smiles, then asks if we would like some menus knowing we are not here to eat. We exchange minor talk feeling and establishing our ground. All the time I am looking at her lips and eyes making sure she notices my interest and lust for her. I look for the signs and wait then I lean over with my face, rub her face ever so gently with mine just in front of her ear and give her a little peck on the neck and make sure she hears me inhale and moan all in the moment. My hand moves to her thigh and up a few inches. Her reaction changes, she moves her hand to mine as to stop it from going any further, but I know it's just to freeze the moment like a snap shot in time and register it in her mind forever. I lean back and whisper, “shall we leave and get a room?” As I brush up again face to face, she replies "Yes".
We walk up to the hotel room together hand in hand, I release and place my arm around her, and she returns the move. At the door we release and go in, adjusting the light. We size up the room. I walk to her and stare at her beauty and make sure she sees me doing it. I look her over like a brand new trophy. I step up to her lean over, put my hands on her sides cock my head, gaze into her eyes and kiss her gently on the lips never closing my eyes, pulling her close to my body. Her arms raise and her hands land on my shoulders and pull me in too as we become tight, breast to breast and we can feel each other’s hearts beat. As our breathing gets harder, we never lose site of the first kiss.

At the end of the first kiss we pull away, I turn her around, she is hesitant at first not sure of what I'm doing. Standing behind her, I brush her hair away from one side of her face. I lean over left hand to her left side, my right hand moves in across her stomach, my face is rubbing the side of her face and I moan. My hand moves up the front of her stiff body to her face and I slowly turn her head to my awaiting lips and kiss her holding her that way resisting her from turning around, she gives in and goes for the kiss. I pull her in tight, hold on and with my left hand start feeling her body moving down her side to her upper thigh then over to her pussy but not too close then up her stomach and over and across just under her tits lifting them up just a little and cupping her right breast, running my thumb up over her nipple and stopping there. The entire time we are kissing.

Her knees begin to soften but she knows I am supporting her. She backs into me slightly and rubs her ass up into my hard cock to reply; I release my hold of her face and breast, moving my hands to her hips and welcome the gesture by pulling her tight into my rock hard rod moaning. She tries to get away and turn, but I pull her back because this is what I like. I grab her face again turn it more and thrust my tongue deep into her mouth and hold her there, she tries to grab my cock. I break away and say softly, "I like to be touched not grabbed". She knows what that means, I go back to kissing her and she slowly moves her way to my hard cock just touching it and playing with it outside my pants. I moan and move to her hard nipples and play with them.

 I can’t take anymore and release her and turn her face to face.
I look at her, she looks back at me. I move my hands to unbutton her top and with both hands peel open her shirt to expose a sexy bra with lace that holds her breasts. I don’t take it off yet; I just gaze and move to unzip her skirt letting it fall to the floor. She steps out of it as well as her shoes lowering herself by 3 inches. I kick off my shoes and loose half inch, story of my life.... Where was I? She is wearing a lacey G string. I can feel my cock is spewing a little pre-cum and it feels good. I run my hands over her smooth silky skin lean over and kiss her neck as she starts to unbutton my shirt and feels my warm body with her hands.  She covers my chest with small kisses, and then works down to my pants first reaching for my hard cock and holding it as the other hand works effortlessly to undo my zipper. Both hands move into my undone pants and around my ass helping my pants drop to the floor. As I try stepping out she pulls me in close so her body is up against mine and my cock can feel the warmth of her sweet skin. Her hands move in to release my shorts from the boundary of fabric to pure skin on her as she slowly works them down my legs to my feet.

When her face reaches my hard cock zone she brushes the side of her face up against my cock and moans as she licks my clean shaven sack and opens her mouth wide to take it in as I step out of my shorts and run my fingers through her hair. Pulling her head with agreement deep into my balls as I look down on her and her up at me. Her hands return to my butt, my cock on one side of her face, my balls filling her mouth and I quiver and grunt as she sucks gently and tightens her mouth around my jewels and jerks her head back and forth making me harder and harder.

Finally I have enough and pull her off me stand her up "You’re fucking killing me." I thrust my tongue into her mouth grab her face and kiss her hard.

We break away I grab a drink to cool down, she take a drink to, I look to her and tell her to get naked. I move to a chair by the window that lets just enough light in , she moves in front of me. I don't help her. I need to watch her get into her sexy moment and strip for me. She starts turned away from me she unhooks her bra, turns again and slowly lets the garment fall from her hard pointed nipples to expose all the excitement within her. I watch as it falls to the floor and her nipples are rock hard. She moves to hold them both. She leans forward to show her cleavage. I sit watching with my cock in my hand ever so slightly stroking it. She can see the head is a little wet and she stands and moves her hands to her G string and removes it. She spreads her legs exposing her baby like wet pussy to me. I stare at it in all its glory. She knows how to tease me now and runs her hands in between and spreads her lips to expose her clit and touches herself and asks quietly, “You like?”
With that she rises and moves to me. Lifting one leg to the chair armrest, she grabs my head, leans back a little and says, “Smell my pussy, but don't lick it.”  My balls are tight against my crotch as I handle her ass and smell her sweet pussy; I do as she says and let my nose rub her clit like a little boy cheating so it gets all wet. She pushes my head away.

She turns to the little table lifts a knee onto it, turns her head to me and commands, “now come here and eat me and make it all wet.”

 I can’t help but think she had a plan all along, so I move in grabbing her ass. I spread her cheeks apart so I can work on pleasing her. I started at the clit, just flicking it and working around it and moved to her love canal darting my tongue as deep as it can go, all the while paying attention to her every move and moan. I insert my finger to play inside and lick more pussy; she explodes with delight her legs shaking screaming "I'm Cumming....Now I'm ready for some cock."

She stands and takes me by the hand. We walk over to the bed. She grabs the sheets and throws them off of the bed. She climbs on, I follow and position myself "T-bone" to her and on all 4's down low, to keep her at bay. At this point I'm face to face over her, her arms and hands on my blades and mine around and under her. I start by kissing her face and brushing mine up against hers. I can hear her as She whispers "Fuck Me Now"; my reply is a short "No", "No!!!! Fuck Me", I move my lips to hers and start kissing her, no tongue just a long hard lip kiss with just the right amount of mouth open to lock onto one lip and touch it with my tongue, at this point I'm mostly lost in the desire to kiss and have no idea what she doing or what is going on around me, but I know I'm enjoying it. Then I remember to move my hands, just the right hand around to her breast. She gasps for a deep breath and I notice and massage her as I too breathe deep and sigh. I get more and more into the kiss, sliding my hand down to her hip and thigh, I pull her leg up run my hand down further over the knee and down to her ankle and back up the inside of her leg to the upper most part of her inner thigh stopping just short of her swollen pussy. She sighs again and I know she was hoping I didn't stop there. I palm her inner most thigh letting my pinky finger just touch her swollen lips. I close my hand tight around her thigh and moved in circular motion as if to pull on her pussy and rub it at the same time. Her lips are locked on mine, hands and arms still around me on my blades, breathing hard, and waiting for the next move. I let go, move my hand over her whole pussy and gently squeezed her whole love canal. She reclines and moans.  I open my eyes to see her staring at me, I smile and pull away chuckling as she does.

"Are you ready?" she asks. I am, so I mount her, but only let the head of my cock touch the envelopes of her swollen lips; she reaches down and grabs my ass to shove that long awaiting hard-on inside of her. Only the head gets to massage her clit for now. She tells me, "Stick it in".

I reply "No" "Again with the No, Just Fuck Me" "MMmmmmmmmm NO", "feels just right". I go on massaging her clit until I'm just ready to penetrate her pussy, at first I put just enough head in and she responds with upward thrusts to get more, but I hold back until I can’t take it anymore and thrust my hard hot cock as deep into her as possible, I shake and she knows it. I whisper to her "your pussy is so fucking hot and wet. Feels good don't it Baby?"
 she replies, “mmmmmmm yes". I lower my hands down to her knees and pull them up so my cock is as deep as it can get. We buck like two horses getting it on until she start telling me she is going to cum.

The short story you just read is Fictional and does not depict anyone person or encounter.
No animals were harmed during this write in any way, shape, or form. All rights reserved.
Consult your Doctor before trying any of this to make sure your heart is in good condition.

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