Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Weird Day

Don’t ask me why but whenever Big Cheese is out of town things in the office become “WEIRD”. Today I actually planned to keep a low profile and work. I didn’t even write blog posts which is what I usually do. Can I just tell you that Kitty is SWAMPED with work and Big Cheese has been so distracted lately that it is just building up. My days have become all about putting out fires so I welcomed the break with Big Cheese out of the office today.

First the day started with my Little Latino Helper coming in. He was hanging around wanting to chit chat but Kitty was not focused. I had just posted something on Facebook. I asked him if he is on Facebook. He said “of course!” in his thick Latino accent. Then he pushed me aside and grabbed my computer keyboard and requested himself as a friend. I warned him that my Facebook can get a little “silly”. Oh yeah, Kitty isn’t just silly on my blog. I am silly pretty much 24/7 in some capacity. Hey, at least I am REAL…right???

So no sooner did my Little Latino Helper request himself as a friend on my Facebook but he accepts my friend request and proceeds to message me all morning. At which point I finally typed “GET TO WORK!” then logged off myself.

Next the cute attorney from down the hall stopped by. I can tell that he is ready for a long visit because he brought in a cup of coffee and sat himself down at the empty desk next to me. I had considered up to this point having T-Bone stop by for a visit and perhaps a quickie on my desk but then I realize it’s better if he stay put. Later of course T-Bone told me that I should have texted him and he would have come right over to fuck me on my desk. Ahhh….T-Bone….

So when the cute attorney down the hall finally got bored…well actually the phone started ringing off the hook and I had to answer it…he went back to his little office.

In the meantime XXX shot me an email with a professional question as well as a “How’s your life?” I answered both of his questions and told him that life is good leaving out details since Kitty is well aware now that my emails are being monitored on his end.

Sure enough 3 minutes later XXX shows up at my office door. Now let me tell you that XXX very rarely comes to MY office so that in itself was WEIRD. We talked quickly about his professional question. He was acting particularly strange. He was in a good mood…or at least I thought. He was walking around the office and straightening all the pictures. He kept peeking into Big Cheese’s office even though he could see that he was not there. He was jumpy…and flirty. WTF?!?!?

So I knew it was coming…the questions…about the men. I assumed he was in a good mood because he was going to move back with his wife but I guess not. He told me that she was still putting it off then began asking me about my playmates. I told him about how T-Bone makes me happy. Things are good. We have fun but things aren’t heavy. I don’t get hurt if he has to cancel a playdate. In fact yesterday he cancelled but surprised me by waiting for me in my parking lot in the morning to tell me in person. Kitty thought that was nice. I don’t get nervous if he doesn’t call or text. I don’t worry about our future or if we will see each other again. We fit. That’s the only way I can describe my friendship with T-Bone. I went through the other playmates one by one leaving the Ashley Madison Bully to the end. XXX was pretty upset about that whole thing. First he assured me that there is nothing wrong with the scent or flavor of my kitty then he said to block the bully. I assured him that the bully was gone for good and not going to be a problem. He came up from behind me and began rubbing my shoulders. I am not sure if he would have gone further if I gave him the go-ahead. I am finally in a good place…a GREAT place with XXX. I am not sure if I am willing to fuck it up again.

Then XXX started on this rant about how Angry Guy is “evil” and driving me to this “horrible way of life”. XXX was being completely ridiculous. I assured him over and over that I am content and happy. Angry Guy is fine. My play toys are all traveling for the next few weeks so I am taking the opportunity to focus on home life with Angry Guy. This is good for several reasons but one thing is for sure is both Angry Guy and I both relax a little bit and let our guards down so when T-Bone comes home hopefully we can visit again without any suspicion.

I doubt I was able to convince XXX that I am content. I do love him and I always will. If we were a couple, we would be unstoppable but we are not. We are friends and I want to keep it that way. After work I got a text from T-Bone to call him. I love those texts from T-Bone. We had our afternoon chat. We laughed as always. T-Bone is traveling abroad this week so he told me he would be emailing me. T-Bone was the only normal thing about this morning. If you knew T-Bone you would know just how funny that statement is.


Ben said...

Complain, complain. You just want to go from at bat to hitting a home run all in one step. Remember the days of first base, second base, third base, home run?

Naughty Kitty said...

Come on Ben! I don't know the first thing about football ;)