Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kitty's Nipple Situation

Kitty has a little nipple “situation”. Depending on who you are I guess it could really be a BIG NIPPLE SITUATION. I am not sure if this is considered a hygiene situation or what.

Now Kitty is not one to look in the mirror. In fact I HATE mirrors. I hate them at the gym. I hate them in my house and I hate them in the ladies room at work. The last time I looked at myself in the mirror at work my face looked like a prune. I told Big Cheese that after seeing myself in that mirror I would consider Botox if not a face lift which is saying something for Kitty who is generally Au Natural.

So the other day I was working with Big Cheese and due to work with XXX in the afternoon. I took a little potty break and on my way out of the ladies room I took a quick glance in the full-length mirror and that’s when I saw them…my huge protruding NIPPLES! How long have I been walking around like that?!?!? I mean it wasn’t particularly cold or anything. I just happen to have large nipples. That much I knew but I never realized that they are SO noticeable just on an average work day. What the FUCK!?!?

Now before my lady readers comment, I assure you that Kitty wears a bra that supposedly has some sort of “privacy shield”. Well guess what? It AIN’T WORKING!

Now I work with all men and am surrounded by them all day and all night and not one has ever mentioned my high beams being on. So what’s the deal? Do men like that look or are they just being polite? For the first time in my life Kitty is baffled.


Ben said...

Kitty -- Believe me, healthy men notice. In fact we like it. The game used to be to check the panty line. Then it was "is she wearing a thong or panties." Now it is natural, landing strip, or brazilian. Yes, our minds are always churning.

To throw the question back to you, do you notice (or spend your time looking) when we have a stiff cock during the day? Thought so ;-)

Naughty Kitty said...

LOL I was wondering why you hadn't commented on this post earlier. I don't always look at the cock but I know what you mean. I went to breakfast with XXX today and I caught him glancing at the nipples. Some things never change.

Ben said...

And if we didn't, how would you feel? I can hardly wait. LOL

Marcus said...

Big fan of nipples here! I do notice them ,a lot. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is being caught by a woman who doesn't appreciate her big nipples as much as I do. It's really hard to know that sort of thing. So, be proud of your nipples and if you catch a guy staring at them throw him a good vibe or two.