Monday, March 12, 2012

See What Happens?

Where oh where do I begin? Should I start by explaining about my friend who consistently blows me off each and every weekend after promising throughout the week to meet me for a workout? Yes, let’s start there. I have a friend. I have mentioned her. She recently became a personal trainer. Even before that though she and Kitty went to the gym together. My friend unfortunately is the kind of friend who promises to meet then either doesn’t show or cancels at the last minute…not always but often enough that Kitty knows not to rely on her.

Last night was Saturday night. I was bored out of my mind. All of my naughty friends were out on dates with their wives or other girlfriends. Don’t even get me started on that. I texted XXX to see if he had a date. He did not and was at a bar so we were texting back and forth. I invited him for coffee this morning since I hadn’t heard from my trainer friend and low and behold he accepted. Actually the invitation morphed into a breakfast invitation. I chose a restaurant that my family frequents  but on the outskirts of town closer to XXX. The location didn’t concern me since this was to be a strictly platonic meeting. I fully expected to run into SOMEONE I knew. When I arrived XXX was already there waiting in his car.

Across the street I spied my friend the trainer’s car. I warned XXX that she might be in there. He asked if I wanted to go someplace else. I said “no” and tried to quickly explain the thing about her blowing me off to train and here she was at breakfast.

Sure enough she was front and center as we walked into the restaurant. She was with her husband and her kid. I don’t particularly care for her husband and he certainly doesn’t care for Kitty. I think he thinks I influence his wife to be more independent and he would prefer she stay a trophy wife that he can control and berate. Anyway, she and I quickly acknowledged that the other was not working out but I did not parade XXX over to introduce him. Kitty acted pretty normal and tried to keep my cool. XXX didn’t know what the fuck was going on. Anyway, my friend’s husband kept eyeballing me and was trying to check XXX out. XXX by the way looked pretty cute although he was suffering from hay fever so he wasn’t feeling that great. As my friend and her family left her husband made one last attempt to catch my eye. I made every effort to avoid his. So now what?

I am playing it cool and refraining from texting my friend but at the same time trying to decide whether I should alert Angry Guy to the fact that XXX and I met for breakfast. Depending on Angry Guy’s mood he may not care…depending on his mood. See what happens when Kitty tries to be legit?

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