Saturday, March 24, 2012


Kitty got invited to a surprise party this weekend. It was sort of a last minute invitation for Construction Guy’s wife. I was happy for any excuse to get out and I knew that the party would be fun. Basically the guest list was comprised of my favorite people in the world. So Kitty threw on an outfit that I hoped hid my fatness, grabbed a bottle of wine and headed out to “The Big City” to meet Construction Guy, his family and closest friends including local politicians, and basically the royalty of our little home town.

There was a point where I was separated from the group I walked in with and had joined another group. I knew almost every other guest in some capacity and felt comfortable moving from one person to the next to socialize. Occasionally one of my friends would come up to me and we would engage in a deeper conversation. In the meantime Angry Guy was texting me from home and my skinny blonde trainer friend was texting me because some of her “students” were at the party. Between you and me they were not thrilled with her but in the interest of preserving her already frail self esteem I left that part out. The men of course were telling me that the ONLY reason they were going to her class was to adore her from afar. That just goes to show you how drastic different men’s tastes in women can be. Any man who is attracted to her is pretty much turned off by me as her polar opposite.

So one of my friends who I haven’t seen in ages began a conversation with me about the men in our lives. She is a single woman, never married approaching 50. She is smart and beautiful and funny. I have always been curious as to what her “situation” was and she told me about the man she is involved with right now. Sadly he reminded me somewhat of XXX except his wife died. To make a long story short my friend was telling me that this man had built up an emotional wall and she just wasn’t sure she could ever break through it. That made Kitty sad because like I said, my friend is deserving of a wonderful man. As we ended our conversation she told me that I inspired her to Have a “talk” with him to which my reply was “uh oh”. Just what Kitty needs…another man to hate me.

On the other side of me sat Construction Guy’s daughter who is possibly the only person other than my blonde trainer friend who knows about Kitty’s indiscretions. Construction Guy’s daughter has a few indiscretions of her own but since she is much younger than me she is still able to write them off as a young woman’s “live and learn” lessons.

The joke of the evening became “Kitty the Cougar”. There are several young men that work for Construction Guy that I often joke about….well…FUCKING. After a few moments of course I have to add that in reality I have “Daddy issues” so while I may joke about a hot young 20 something boy in actuality I will walk past him and fuck his father instead. One of my girlfriend’s boyfriends looked at me in disbelief when I said that in the car ride home. I haven’t figured out whether he couldn’t believe the “Daddy issue” comment, the fact that I don’t REALLY prefer the young boys or the fact that I just said it point blank with him in the car.

So, Construction Guy’s daughter sat with me at the bar pointing out all the hot men young and …older. There was one 50 something man that she pointed out to me as being hot by her standards then said “he’s married”. As she said it she looked at me, remembered who she was talking to and chuckled. She then pulled her handsome southern cousin over to meet me. I jokingly said “talk” so I could hear his accent. He was very cute and indulged me. At one point he said something completely off topic. My friend said to him “really?” and he said “No, I was just talking so Kitty could hear my voice.” That made Kitty laugh and nothing makes Kitty wet like a man who makes me laugh.

So even though Kitty didn’t “Score” per se I really did have a great time with the men and women at the party who comprise my almost everyday life. I couldn’t have had more fun if it were my own party.


Ben said...

Sounds like a fun event, even if you did not score. It is amazing what people prefer as partners and lovers. When I see women under 40, they may look hot, but I would not be after them for a fuck, or even a weekend together.

The daddy thing ... noted to self ;-)

Naughty Kitty said...

I am sure you would fuck any one of my friends whether they are 40 or younger. Ben you can help me with my daddy issues but you would not be the oldest guy I've fucked.

Ben said...

So really, the question is what is the biggest age differential, older and younger. Older, I think that I max out at ten years (I was 25 and she was probably 35). Younger, currently holding at 10 years with current lover. Not sure what this means, but there it is.

Would your friends fuck me?

Hope the weekend is agreeable.