Monday, March 19, 2012

T-Bone's Big Head

One of the things I love about T-Bone is that he makes me laugh. Sometimes unintentionally. Up until today T-Bone was doubting himself. He asked me if I thought he was attractive. He asked me if his dick was small. These questions stem from issues with his wife. We all have issues with our spouses that create insecurities don’t we?
So the funny thing about T-Bone today was that he started out asking me what I thought and by the end of our fuck session Kitty had pretty much convinced him that he was attractive as well as large. Kitty did her job so well that by the end T-Bone was telling ME he is handsome and big. So I emailed T-Bone the two blogs I have written about him so far and don’t you know that T-Bone reminded me that his cock is so big that the condom would not fit! Damn if he couldn’t get it on then Kitty tried and I couldn’t get it on either. We tried and tried and could not get that condom on T-Bone’s big cock. Finally T-Bone and I looked at each other and came to the conclusion that T-Bone’s cock was just too big for that condom.

T-Bone, the thought of you turning on the light to wrestle with that condom DOES make me smile. So there you have it. I wrote an entire blog about T-Bone’s big head.


Ben said...

Lucky you!

Naughty Kitty said...

Today I am a Lucky Kitty ;)

ShagESQ said...

NICE ONE KITTY! Thick or long or both? I am curious about his wife's vagina. I wonder if it endured years of big cock abuse for her to think it's small. He must have fucked her cha-cha into oblivion. Is she loose to her knees? If she wears a skirt, can you see her lips? Does a stiff breeze cause her to cum in public?

Remind me to tell you about the blonde russian with a scary vagina.

Naughty Kitty said...

I can't comment on her Hoo-Ha. That's not Kitty's place. All I know is T-Bone is a nice size for me and he seems to feel the same way.

You know Kitty likes to please my playmates in ways that their wives just can't or won't.

Ben said...

Believe it or not, penis size and shape is quite an interesting topic for study by evolutionary biologists. And I do not just mean the human penis. See the attached article. Did you know that we have relatively large penises for our body size? And our testicle size falls on the side of species that tend to play around, and semen competition is high?

Naughty Kitty said...

I will have to read that tonight. I am fascinated by the correlation between penis size and nationality if there is one. I would guess that T-Bone is Italian based on the size of his penis but I am not sure that he is based on his name. Also up until recently I thought Germans might be small but it turns out it was just one German I was with. The others including XXX are a nice size. Now Jewish men...we will have to see about that Ben...won't we?