Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kitty's AWARD

KITTY WON AN AWARD!!!! I know….RIGHT?!?!?!

My Blog friend Ryan nominated me for

a Liebster award.

 Let me tell you a little about it..... Or better yet, let me cut and paste
 what Ryan cut and paste from Gertie and then I don't have to think of what to say (see below,

"Liebster Blog Award. According to our dear friend Lainey over at Lainey's

Life Lessons <> it is really an

award bloggers give to one another to increase readership. To be eligible
 one must have less than 200 public followers, I definitely qualify. In the
 beginning I wanted to keep my readers down because of anonymity but to hell
 with it, I am Gertie!!, beware of my hammer! I am obligated after receiving
 this award to give it to 5 oops I mean 6 other bloggers who meet the
 parameters of blog I follow with intriguing posts & less than 200
 followers. (I chose 6 because Lainey only chose 2 and I am sure she won't
 mind me swiping her extra pick, I had hard choices to make) I must also
 shamelessly plug the person who gave the award to me. Have I mentioned how

awesome I think Lainey <> is?

So along with this award Kitty has to follow RULES. I know…RIGHT?!?!?!

 Rule #1 Link back to the person who gave you this award.

 Check out Ryan over at “The AshleyMadison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad-his blog is an eclectic collection of posts about his extracurricular sexcapades as well as political insights with a dash of humor from a man’s perspective. In all honesty Ryan is an intellectual and Kitty is not but Kitty adores Ryan and wants to give him the plug ;)

 Rule#2 Choose deserving bloggers and alert them to their award winning
 status. This I think is the most fun part of the blog award because I am positive
 that most of these bloggers don't know how inspirational they are to me!

And the winners in no particular order are........."

1. Prowling with Kat <>: Now I never got a clear answer on whether or not I could duplicate and since Ryan and I have different readers I am duplicating Ryan’s nomination because Kat’s blog has had such a strong influence over my writing as well as my outlook on extra marital affairs in general. Kat’s blog includes stories about her personal Ashley Madison experiences as well as advice and information about anal sex for instance, how to react when a lovers’ wife calls you…you know…practical things.

Sorry, but this is another duplication from Ryan’s nominations that bears repeating. As Ryan put it best when he said “There are so many unique blogs out there and unique ways of expressing
 one's message. Sassy Girl tells the story of her relationship with her
 Philip through their texts and e-mails. There is a quote from Star Trek
 where Spock says "having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as
 wanting...." Well, Sassy does have some good posts about "having" as well.
 But my point is that the lead up, the seduction, the planning, the
 wanting, and the mundane little details of that daily connection are what
 keep me coming back to this blog! Well, I do like a girl with some sass as
 well! :)”

3. That’s What Sadie Said- This is Sadie’s second blog the first being of course “Sadie’s Sexy Stories ofSeduction” which outlined the ups and downs of her open marriage. That’s What Sadie Said is part two of Sadie’s ever exciting life encompassing everything from feelings about being a single mother to being harassed by judgmental readers (not me of course. I ADORE Sadie)

4. Hands In My Pants AndOther Lustful Desires-Okay if you click on the link you will know EXACTLY why Kitty likes this blog. It is filled with lots and lots of great dick pictures and Kitty LOVES dick pictures. Hands In My Pants is light and funny and always makes Kitty smile.

5 J.J. Loves Kat- I’m not sure if Kat will nominate this one or if it is a conflict of interest so I am nominating it. J.J. is the lover that all of us ladies secretly hope to meet when we answer that Ashley Madison “wink”. I would love to have one of my lovers be half as thoughtful as J.J. not to mention to write a blog about me. J.J.’s posts are heartfelt and romantic.

 So take a look at these blogs. But there are so many others out there.
 When you are looking at these blogs or mine, see what they are reading (on
 their blogroll). Chances are you'll find some good stuff out there!
Thanks again Ryan for bestowing this honor upon me, Love, Kitty xoxo


Same sassy girl said...

KITTY!! Congrats on the award! You so deserve it.

And thank you ever so much for mentioning my blog! I am astonished at the blog-love pouring around the blog world today, and that I got mentioned alongside these amazing bloggers! You are made of awesome!

Naughty Kitty said...

You are so welcome Sassy. I do love your blog.

Ben said...

Nice list. Fine blog. So if you like cock photos, should I send you some of mine?

Naughty Kitty said...

Absolutely Ben! Send them on over! Kitty hasn't seen a Jewish cock in ages. I sort of miss them :(

Ben said...

Kitty -- And what will I receive in return? Some goyische pussy? Anyway, my email should be in my profile. Look forward to your next blog post :-)