Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Do They EVER Think About Kitty?

Last night XXX and I had a fairly long text conversation. I started it because he was due to go to that party with his “Cunt Wife” so I thought I would tease him a little bit. It turns out the party was earlier in the day and he was already at the bar by the time we started texting. I don’t know if he was drunk or not but if I didn’t know any better I’d think he was flirting with me. He wanted me to meet him for dinner. Okay…THAT’s not gonna happen! Then he invited me to breakfast this morning. I would have but I have a religious obligation with my kids.

I think XXX wanted to give me a pep talk. I was feeling let down. The entire day passed and I did not receive one text or email from any of my playmates. NOT ONE! Okay, that’s not fair. One playmate did email me just to let me know that he fucked his wife that morning and while Kitty loves a good fucking story I was not in the mood to discuss anybody but Kitty.

I asked XXX if he thought these men ever think about me. He assured me that they do but their family lives take priority…I’m thinking more like family lives, then professional lives…then any other friends or Ashley Madison hook-ups they are working on…then…

Don’t ask me why but my immediate instinct is to put my needs aside to please my partner then when I realize they don’t give two shits about my feelings I feel let down and a little resentful. This is exactly what happened with XXX and I could feel it beginning to happen with THE Client. He never once asked about me. He never once asked about my life…never once. Same with…well….ALL OF THEM!

XXX has to work really hard to bring himself back from a rant about his wife and then he will look at me and realize then say “enough about me. What’s going on in your life?” It is so FORCED…but at least he does it. I suppose that’s the most I can ask for. Hey, I am not a whiner and I am not going to spend my time whining about my home life because in reality I have it pretty good here. But Kitty needs love and attention too. Just an indication that one of my playmates gives two shits about how my day is going is all it takes. Ahhh it’s a vicious circle isn’t it?


Anonymous said...

Hummmmmm, not sure I should let some secrets out at times. Most men dont show allot of interest in their partner, and this is where we loooose "ATTRACTION" from our playmate. Even you have expressed it here Honey, simple communication will go a long way. Damn-it you guys start reading on attraction, you'll get awhole lot more out of your playmate, AND be "Funny Too". If you like them pat attention and put alittle something into it.


Naughty Kitty said...

I got a text from T-Bone yesterday. I didn't expect to hear from him at all since he was preparing to travel and I knew he'd be busy. Just before my lunch break he texted "call me". It made my day. What can I say, I am a simple girl with simple needs.

Ben said...

Didn't I email yesterday? And comment? So how is your week ending?

Naughty Kitty said...

Um...yeah, you are the guy who fucked his wife. I wrote this last week, I think. Sorry, I'm behind xoxo

KittyCat said...

I get it. And feel your pain.
I on the other hand get too much text and interaction.
Especially after I decided to quit being a bad girl. I always here, " just one more time". Ugh