Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kitty Sings the Blues

I’m not sure why it hurts so much when a former hook-up moves on so quickly. Oh I know it’s my ego. Kitty wants to be special or at least thought of as special. Over the weekend after I ended things with him I saw him on Ashley Madison constantly. I know what he was doing. He was hunting. He was flirting and he was shopping….for everybody except for me. This morning I received an email from him asking for my advice on his profile. He updated it and said he has been getting a much better response. Ouch! Was that supposed to sting or was he just being my friend. We had agreed to be friends so what did I expect? We aren’t right for each other. He promised me the world and I have no doubt that over time he would have provided me with many beautiful and thoughtful gifts not to mention attention. Kitty needed more. Kitty needed the connection that we just did not have. Over the course of a very short time our emails became argumentative. Sure, I could have retreated and things would have been fine but I refused. I wanted him to come clean. I could have looked the other way but I wanted to make my point. After our initial encounter I knew things would not last and even though I agreed to meet him again, it was for the sake of not hurting his feelings. So why now that things are done, we are friends and he has clearly moved on so effortlessly is Kitty feeling blue?

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! Know the Hurt. Well one way to look at this is "A Lion's Pride" yes men are like animals, as shallow as it sounds it is. The more women we have sex with the bigger the ego and the better we get at it the more we want it. If we are married, we are not looking to keep or to get re-married, so we move from one to another. We want to stay friends cause after we've tested the waters or there is a Lull, call up an old "squeeze" and have some more sex.