Saturday, March 17, 2012


Ahhhh T-Bone. How oh how am I going to describe T-Bone? Well, it’s a little difficult since I am still shaking from the amazing fuck session that we just had. I know, I know…I mislead you with my “Bad Feelings” post. Well, I did text T-Bone that morning. He was so damn sweet. He said we could re-schedule. He said it a few times. Then the texting became too much so I called him. Hearing his voice put me at ease. There is something about him in general that makes me feel safe. Maybe it’s what he does for a living but I really DO feel safe with him.

Now I don’t want to get into it but T-Bone’s wife has misled him into believing that he has a small dick. He sent me pictures long before we even met and there is NOTHING small about his dick. Our encounter was amazingly simple. He got the room and texted me the number. I swung by after work and met him. He greeted me and we chatted for a bit. I guess meeting in person and talking on the phone as much as we do helped. T-Bone was having a normal conversation and although Kitty was listening I was very excited and really just wanted to fuck T-Bone so I began to take off my clothes. T-Bone is pretty smart and got the hint so he started taking off HIS clothes and exposed a BIG HARD COCK. I am sincere when I say that it was beautiful. Now T-Bone is all about safe sex which is good but Kitty wanted just a little taste of what that cock was going to feel like inside of me and damn did it feel good.
I have to say that T-Bone was way up there with G as far as fucking and dick size goes. T-Bone was also extremely skilled at oral and I am not just saying that because he is reading. I mean it! He had just the right pressure going.

Kitty sure hopes I pleased T-Bone. He was so sweet and so complimentary. He said so many wonderful things to me along with the dirty talk because let’s not forget that Kitty is T-Bone’s “dirty little slut”. See, that’s the difference between T-Bone and Cruel Guy. T-Bone talks dirty but then he is also very complimentary and very tender as well. That is just the right combination for Kitty. So Kitty and T-Bone have agreed to meet again. Kitty really digs T-Bone and I hope he feels the same. Kitty’s goal for our next play date is to step up my dirty talk. I was just starting to get into it at the end. T-Bone likes for Kitty to tell him to “Fuck me hard” and “Show me whose boss” and boy does he. Thank you again T-Bone. You make Kitty CUMmmmmm.

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Ben said...

You set the bar high, don;t you?