Thursday, March 15, 2012

Birthday Kitty

The other day Kat posted a blog that I thought was very appropriate not to mention it expressed my thoughts about how a man should treat his mistress to the letter. Please read this ESPECIALLY if you are one of Kitty’s lovers/former lovers/potentiallovers. Basically the premise at least from my perspective was that a little bit of thought and consideration goes a long way.

Now Kitty never EVER asks or expects gifts from my playmates. I do however appreciate attention and consideration. It turns out Kitty’s birthday was a few days after Kat’s post so I was curious to see how or IF the men in my life would acknowledge the occasion. Can I just say that Kitty is definitely an “It’s the thought that counts” kind of Kitty. So on my birthday I sure felt the love affection from a lot of my wonderful playmates. I received emails, e-cards, texts…lots of texts…so many that Angry Guy was like “What the fuck is going on?!?!?!”

Among my wonderful playmates that thought about me were Jiminy Cricket, My Client, Bad Boy who texted me just before midnight and again the next afternoon. Bad Boy gets extra love points for that. Angry Guy treated Kitty very nicely and bought me a wonderful gift that will make my workouts all the more enjoyable. And Kitty even got a surprise “Happy Birthday” email from The Ex.

If you are among my playmates that were unaware of Kitty’s birthday please don’t fret. Kitty is not a whore for attention on my birthday. I am just extra touched by those around me who take the time to let me know that they are thinking about me and for that Kitty feels blessed. Thank you to all my wonderful friends. I had an amazing birthday.


Ben said...

And a second Happy Birthday, awaiting the time I can lavish both a gift AND some personal attention you!

Ben said...

Note to self. Write about care and feeding of a lover. It is not "just" about the sex. ;-)

Naughty Kitty said...

Thank you it isn't JUST about the sex but good sex sure does help ;)