Friday, March 30, 2012

Ashley Madison Bully Guy

Kitty is being bullied today by one of the men I met on Ashley Madison. I am not going to disclose who this person was but SERIOUSLY…WHY ARE YOU BULLYING KITTY?!?!?!
I should have seen this coming actually. We had a few tenuous emails before our encounter and apparently this guy thinks Kitty is mean spirited. Really if Kitty were mean spirited I would have told him that I didn’t want to fuck him anymore because he couldn’t stay hard and just could not bring Kitty HOME. If I were mean I would have told him that his cum was bitter and his fingernails needed trimming. If I were mean I would have told him that his oral skills were lacking. But Kitty is not mean so I kept that all to myself…until now.

So after our encounter although I agreed to meet him again it was half hearted. In the meantime he started with the nasty emails and I took the opportunity to tell him “thanks but no thanks”.

We emailed some polite emails back and forth. His were passive/aggressive with phrases like “You probably have a new lover or 2, & working on others,” “I don’t email u because I feel u r no longer interested & I don’t bug people, who have no interest in hearing my bull. Luvya. Xoxo”, and “I also had a great time. I believe I had a much better time than u did.”

So finally this morning I received an email from him which said that the reason he was unable to please Kitty was because Kitty was “gamey”. I know…I know…now listen. Kitty’s feelings were hurt a little bit but in all honesty Kitty is very self conscious about how I smell and how I taste down there. Up until now I have never had a complaint. I have tasted myself and did not find my flavor particularly offensive so even though my ego was a little wounded I took his comment under advisement and made a mental note to research how other women freshen their vaginas. Up until this point Kitty always read that a healthy diet and lifestyle led to a perfectly fine smelling and tasting vagina.
So I emailed this bully back and this is what I wrote:

Good morning [Bully Guy]. No, I don't hate you. I assure you I clean that area meticulously particularly before an encounter. I will certainly look into more options. As far as you and I are concerned, let’s take this as a clear indicator that we simply don't have a sexual chemistry. Have a great day

Now Kitty thought that was a pretty benign email. I had no intention of being nasty in any way but I sort of wanted to just end the conversation and hopefully the email friendship. This is what I got in return:

Good morning [Kitty]. I did not send that email with a hidden message that we don't have a sexual chemistry. One cannot make such a decision on one encounter, as far as I'm concerned. Some people think they could make such a decision by looking at a lifeless photo. How silly. However you were able to make that judgment, & I respect your decision. I think u will admit that u made that decision long before I sent my last email. My email had nothing to do with your decision that we do not have sexual chemistry, and u r probably right in your assessment. I did not send that email to be hurtful or as a sour grapes email. I was truly trying to be helpful. I detect from your email u do not believe that, because your "no sexual chemistry" comment was a purposeful dig at me, but I have thick skin & can take it. I've had many many encounters & know what I bring to the table. No harm done. U have a fun happy day.

Okay, am I missing something here?
So I responded one last time:

[Bully Guy], no dig intended I am sorry if you took it that way

And then I received THIS:

If it was not an uncalled for dig, then why would my comments regarding your correctable gamey situation make it clear that there was no sexual chemistry? U were slamming me because I said something u did not want to hear. Actually u should have thanked me for bringing it to your attention, unless u believe it’s not true & I made it up for some unknown bullshit reason. If the situation were reversed I would have thanked u & corrected it for the future. I can play the fool, but I’m no fool. Sometimes it takes genius to play a fool. I don’t claim genius, but I did not fall off a turnip truck either.

To be completely honest here, my determination that we have no sexual chemistry had little to do with the actual encounter, it had nothing to do with age or physical appearance. It had EVERYTHING to do with him being an incredible ASSHOLE.

My question for all of you is WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?


Anonymous said...

Stay away, stay far, far, away..... Kitty, go with your gut feeling!!!


Anonymous said...

Yea...his inability to spell out "you" has turnip truck written all over it.


Naughty Kitty said...

Now am I wrong here or if you are turned off by the taste or smell of another person...isn't that "LACK OF CHEMISTRY"?!?!?!?

Luna Moon said...

Ugh. This guy is bad news, Kitty. Do be careful! I agree with the first comment: Stay far, far away!

Naughty Kitty said...

Thank you. I have every intention of doing that.

Ben said...

This guy is a misogynist ass-hole. Why does he feel the need to put you down this way? Tell him to grow up. And then tell him to go away. Now. So how does he think his cock tastes? Is he always out-of-the-shower fresh? And you, dear Kitty, need to banish all of this from your mind. It will not scare me off. Rather, the contrary.

Naughty Kitty said...

Well as I said. I am clean and eat a healthy diet. I taste the way I taste. unless someone can give me some tips to taste otherwise there is nothing more I can think of to do. I have had amazing chemistry with men right off the bat so yes, I did know early on that if we were to have a relationship that I would have to work at it but why would I be involved with ANOTHER man that gives me grief? I am looking for fun and joy not all the time but MOST of the time.

Anonymous said...

He sounds insecure.

That is likely his issue. The limp dick and being shitty in bed could have made him insecure, or he could have a limp dick and be shitty in bed because he is insecure.

Either way, not likely worth it. His emails sealed it.