Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lunch Date

Today was a particularly hectic day. I worked a long day and half way through Big Cheese got some bad news. A close family relative of his died very suddenly. We were both preoccupied. I had a surprise lunch invitation from T-Bone to one of my favorite lunch places. Now let me tell you that although I have had many lunch invitations BEFORE I have fucked any of these men I have NEVER had a lunch invitation afterwards. It felt REALLY nice. The only problem is that Angry Guy was off from work and I make a point of never meeting playmates on his days off. I figured if we ran into anybody I knew I would introduce T-Bone as a friend and/or client.

I don’t know why but I feel completely at ease with T-Bone in public and private. We met in the restaurant and kissed on the cheek. We sat and ate and talked like old friends. We talk on the phone just about every day now. T-Bone makes me laugh. I think we make each other laugh. I hope we do.  After lunch T-Bone walked me to my car and we pecked on the lips and he said “mmmm”. I love that.  T-Bone makes me feel hot even though I know I’m not. He inspires me to BE hot.

When I got back to the office I worked with Big Cheese for a few more hours. On my way out I stopped off at XXX’s office. He told me about how he is having a “date” with his wife and she has to decide whether to let him move back in the house or not. He was pessimistic and I was trying to be optimistic. I began to tell him about my lunch date with T-Bone. He agreed that it was nice and as he said “I’m glad to see one of these guys spend a little money on you.” To me it’s not the money that a man spends on me. To me the fact that T-Bone wanted to spend time with me even though we both knew the date would be platonic.

T-Bone and I have a tentative date set up for Monday. THAT date? That date will be FAR from platonic.


naughtyangel420247 said...

The suspence is killing me. I can't wait for THAT date:)

Same sassy girl said...

Thanks for sharing lunch with us! The sexy stuff is amazing, but finding someone who is good at lunch is even more special.

Anonymous said...

Now thats what it's all about, good for him and you Kitty. He is sounding more and more special. Love the read...