Monday, April 16, 2012


It’s been a while since I have felt the touch of a man, run my tongue over the head of a cock. After a period of time Kitty gets frisky. I get restless. I want to PLAY. Weekends are particularly rough for some reason. All my playmates are occupied with their families and have not time for Kitty.

Occasionally I’ll get a text from XXX or have a quick text conversation with The Client but they are generic and not at all sexual.

I can usually count on a Sunday morning correspondence with Ben who I have grown to adore in a cyber sexual sort of way. Feeling particularly frisky yesterday I emailed him:

If I lived closer I would wrap my lips around your swollen cock. I would suck firmly and move my head up and down slowly at first then I would pick up the pace and suck you harder to climax.

And when you recover, I would ride on top, and then you would roll me over and fuck me from behind until I moan in ecstasy.

I love your hands and your fingers all over me as well as inside rubbing that g- spot. God I can’t wait.
You cover my pussy with your whole hand, gently massaging. Feeling me opening wide, lips puffy, soft, and slippery. Occasionally you slip your middle finger slightly inside, and play with the entrance. And then you recoil for a moment, to lick some wetness off your fingers, slowly. I beg for you to get back to business. You return this time to slowly stroke my clit. I writhe, as this time you bring me to cum, and cum again...

I kiss you hungrily as you work me with your hand. My Pussy aches for your throbbing cock. I reach down to stroke you and rub the tip of your head over my clit...

You rise up on top, propped up on my elbows, as I stroke your throbbing cock against my clit, you are savoring the view of my voluptuous body, my pussy throbbing, calling for you, my black bush wet with your love juices. You let me play my wet hand stroking you. You pull away slightly, letting me stroke your hard on, playing with your head. And then you lean closer so that I can rub your cock and pleasure myself with my favorite toy...

And then you take over. ...

You roll me over, put me up on my knees -- my pussy, thighs, and ass covered in my own wetness. Or maybe you bend me over your Wedge, you take charge, get up on your knees, and fuck me hard hard hard from behind.
After you probe deep inside, you withdraw, tapping your cock head against my pussy lips. Hold my hips for control. Then just an inch inside, then you withdraw. And again. I push my sweet ass back, looking for Mr. Hardon, but you play coy, hard to get. "Fuck me!" I cry. I demand. And what are you but my master. And doesn’t a master have to please his slave? And doesn’t a slave have amazing power over her supposed master? You pull back. Slap slap slap on my wet cheeks. I wiggle my little ass in pleasure. And then you impale me on your cock. We cum together.

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both.hands.please said...

Thats sounds like quite a luscious way to start a lazy sunday Kitty. What I wouldn't give..