Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Secret Blog

The other day I asked Ben if he thought I should hold off on telling men on Ashley Madison about my blog. I asked him matter of factly. He said he thought so. He said it makes me sound like I fuck any guy that I meet when in reality I am looking for that one special friend.
Ben and I talk about that a lot. It’s funny because I notice a pattern on Ashley Madison with the men I meet. The first crop of men were big chatters. They all liked chatting on yahoo. Kitty is not much of chatter and Angry Guy gets suspicious when I am at my computer typing away all night so I had to cut back on the chatting. These men were also not into using full names. It was only recently 7 months after we fucked that I told G my real name and even then it was just my first name and even then he didn’t care one way or another.

That first group of guys was really turned on by my blog too…well most of them. My reason behind offering up my blog right off the bat on Ashley Madison is because I think it gives a great insight as to who I am really, what I have been through, what I like in the bedroom, my humor, and I had always thought it gave a great perspective of my personality on the whole. It should convey the fact that I can be a dirty little slut but I am also sensitive and loving.

Other groups of men at one point came clean with their real names and cell phone numbers right off the bat. Now, Kitty is no threat to these men but JEEZ-US! To me your name and your cell phone number are all a girl needs to take you down. Once again Kitty is no threat but the more I hear about other women…

So this latest group of men seemed to be REALLY turned off by Kitty’s blog. That’s no biggie really. I just feel as though it’s an important part of my secret life and anybody who is part of my life should be aware of it and enjoy it if they do.
The other day two men messaged me. One was terribly cute in his pictures and I had seen that he viewed my profile several times before over the past few months. I of course was pulling my hair out at work when he finally initiated by email. I gave him my naughty kitty email address and directed him to my blog. Another man that day who seemed to be much older and perhaps one of those men who say he is 54 but is really more like 74 also contacted me that day. I told him that I like to focus on one playmate at a time and quite frankly I am still rooting for T-Bone. I forget what this guy said but he emailed me back some comment about having them both and it just made me smile so again I directed him to my blog. Well don’t you know I haven’t heard from either of them since?

Maybe Kitty is too boldly honest. Maybe they were afraid I’d write about them. Maybe it was because it was the day Kitty wrote about “Fun Kitty Is DEAD…”
Either way, it’s just interesting how the trends change.


Anonymous said...

No problem here for me Kitty, write away, I enjoy U.
It sounds like a good release for you and courage.


WestsideTori said...

Kitty, it's so funny you posted this because I was going to send you an email on the same subject.

I definitely think you should NOT tell them about the blog. First of all, for the reason that Ben told you. Second, they may be freaked out that they will be a subject of a post so they opt out immediately. Finally, the name of this game is intrigue and mystery, and once you divulge the existence of the blog, you're not leaving much to the imagination. In fact, you're hitting them in the face with an avalanche of way Too Much Information.

I just don't see where telling about the blog does you much good. Just a suggestion, but I wouldn't tell them about it until much later, maybe not until after you've had sex.

See, we're all thinking about you and want you to be happy!

Naughty Kitty said...

Thank you "Me" and Tori. I will take your suggestions when and IF I jump back on. I am taking another one of my sabaticals for now.

Ben said...

I agree with Tori (who was agreeing with me).

We're all on your side. What IS up with these New Jersey men?

Naughty Kitty said...

I don't have much of a problem with the fact that they don't want to be a part of it. I found overall that more men were turned on by it then not. What's wrong with Jersey guys??? GOOD question!!! I think they just don't have a taste for Kitty.

Ben said...

If they are turned on, then go for it.

Ben said...
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