Tuesday, April 10, 2012

He's Baaaacccckkkkk!!!

Today didn’t start off very well. Kitty’s trainer friend was being sort of an asshole this morning. Work is crazy. I had a long day then was supposed to go to the trainer’s house for a party. I was not happy about that but some of my other friends were counting on me so I pulled it together and got through the day.
T-Bone was due to come home and I hadn’t heard from him. I wasn’t really surprised because there is a big time difference and I knew that he’d be exhausted. I know I have said it over and over but there is something about T-Bone that makes me feel at ease. I don’t have that sense of urgency if I don’t hear from him. I love that about us. I know he’s around and I am here for him. We are both busy but each make time to text or speak even if it’s only for a few minutes. I knew he couldn’t text from where he was so I sent him a sexy little email. We haven’t done that since we started texting so I thought he’d enjoy it. I didn’t hear back from him but sure enough I got a text this afternoon that his plane just landed.

Is it bad that I smile when I get that text? First of all I worry about T-Bone’s safety when he is at work and in the air. Second it makes me feel good that he thinks about me and texts me right away. So we texted back and forth a little and he told me that he brought me some chocolates. Is he sweet or what? So I asked him of course if we could melt some down for our next play date. T-Bone being T-Bone made a smart ass comment that did not translate via text then luckily said of course we could melt some down and he’d lick it off my nipples. Now THAT’s more like it, T-Bone!
A little while later we spoke on the phone. He said he was carb loading because there was some chick who wants to marathon fuck him. I wonder who that could be. Anyway, T-Bone was in a good mood and that put me in a good mood.

Once the day was finally done I was able to sit at the computer and check my email. I will give you three guesses who emailed me…Oh you’ll never guess…G! G emailed me!! I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it! He asked me to email him if I was still interested. Hmmm...Let me think...is Kitty interested in contacting the best Ashley Madison hook-up EVER?!?!?! I emailed him back of course! That was just a few minutes ago. I know he’s been down south for work but that’s about it so I haven’t heard back but I can’t wait to hear what he’s been up to!

T-Bone is back and G is back!! Life is good.

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Ben said...

Sounds promising!