Monday, April 2, 2012


Okay boys. If you thought this was going to be a post about a threesome with a bunch of blonde, busty cheerleaders you had better move on. You got it; this is another feel good post about me and XXX. We were working together yesterday. It was a tough one. Apparently he had a rough morning with his assistants so by the time I arrived the atmosphere was tense. In an effort to lighten the mood XXX had me tell a funny story to his assistants which was sexual in nature. Needless to say they did not laugh. XXX was extremely apologetic but I spent the rest of the afternoon quietly surfing the internet. At one point XXX walked by and saw that I was logged onto my Ashley Madison account. He smiled his devilish smile at me. So I took that as an invitation and went into his office to discuss the activity on Ashley Madison.

I told XXX that Dodger had commented that my photo on Ashley Madison did not do me justice. XXX had me log onto my account and he agreed. He said he would take a better picture of me. He said I am more beautiful in person and my picture makes me look like a Mennonite Grandmother. Yeah…XXX is a CHARMER isn’t he?!!?!

He also took a look at some of the prospects who have emailed me…one in particular. XXX is supportive of my Ashley Madison activity only because he knows me. He knows that Kitty is a good kitty and really just wants someone nice to play with. Unfortunately XXX is committed to wasting his life waiting for his wife to take him back so that he can live forever in a celibate state. So XXX is trying to be a supportive friend although I can see from the look in his eyes that he knows these men I am communicating with are TROUBLE…one in particular. XXX also knows that he is going to have to pick up the pieces just as he has been doing so I guess he wants to brace himself.

This afternoon I stopped by XXX’s office to say goodbye for the weekend. He was alone. We talked again about the Ashley Madison situation and what kitty is looking for in a playmate. I told XXX that I am looking for him without all the bullshit that we had. Once again the subject turned to our affair. Once again I assured him that what happened between us was for the best. He has fond memories of our affair and at times I do too. He had tears in his eyes as we were talking about it. I never saw that from him before. I told him that I went back to read some of my blog posts from back then (September/October 2011). I reminded him that although the sex was good afterwards he spent our time together whining about how he wanted Angry Guy to give me the attention I deserve. I told him that wasn’t sexy. We joked a little about oral sex. I made the mistake of telling him that oral is not his “strong suit”. He feigned taking offense to my remark. I explained that G spoiled me by giving me absolute perfect oral. XXX asked what G did that made it perfect so I tried to explain it.

You are now asking, “What’s your point Kitty?” Well, the whole time we were having this conversation XXX was totally stroking my ego. He insisted our love affair was wonderful and that he didn’t want to end it yadda yadda. He asked me what he should do about his situation with his wife. I told him to go back to her and have an affair with me. To which his response was.

“Kitty, people got hurt last time. I’m not going to do that again. I know you SAID you weren’t hurt but…” It was at that point that I realized this man really knows me. He is absolutely right. I was devastated at the end of our affair. I did love XXX. I DO love XXX. We both agree that we can’t be together. We both agree that his wife’s mood swings will drag us down and I agree with XXX that I can’t be part of that.

This man is my friend, my supporter and he is my biggest cheerleader and since he can’t fulfill my needs, he is going to do what he can to help me find someone who can.

One of my special new friends on Ashley Madison emailed me that he wanted to be “the new XXX with a different handle”. My new special friend has got some pretty big shoes to fill but nobody wants him to succeed more than me.


Anonymous said...

I dont know, but I think T-Bone is in the running...


Naughty Kitty said...

I adore T-bone but he is too busy to play with me these days.