Saturday, April 7, 2012

Women are ASSHOLES!

Kitty has come to the conclusion that A LOT of women are assholes. Not all women…just a lot that I happen to be hearing about lately.

I’ve been hearing stories about XXX’s wife for years. T-Bone tells me stories about his wife and it’s a miracle he hasn’t hit her in my opinion. She sounds fucking mean as a snake.  Another friend of mine just told me that when he travels for work, there is “hell to pay” when he gets back. WTF?!?! This guy is traveling for work which I am thinking provides a pretty nice lifestyle for his wife. His kids are older so what the FUCK is her problem?!?!?! These women practically FORCE their husbands into Kitty’s arms!

This morning my kids were off to Sunday school. I was trying in the worst way to get out of going to the gym without feeling guilty. XXX couldn’t meet me for breakfast and of course my blonde trainer friend was full of empty promises telling me to text her in the morning to workout. I wasn’t at all surprised when I did and she said she was going out to buy rock climbing shoes. I am rolling my eyes as I type this because there are not FUCKING rocks to climb where we live!!! What an ASSHOLE!!

Okay so no problem, she blew me off so in my head I made my own workout plan. Then I get a text from her saying she needs my help with a playlist, Facebook and a menu for a party that she wants to have. So I text her back, "how about coming over now and we can work on it?" To which her reply was “gotta shower and leave town. Want to get there and back. Come with!”

What the fuck is wrong with her?!?!?! She asks me for help then can’t make fucking time for it?!?!?! Now keep in mind this is an ongoing thing with her and it drives me bananas. This chick is a TROPHY WIFE!!! She has one fucking kid!!! She can go shopping any other fucking day of the week.

And how thoughtless is she that she thinks I will just pick up and leave my kids to drive with her so that SHE can shop?!?!? WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!!

I considered texting her or calling her just to alert her how selfish and assholeish she was being and then I realized WHAT’s the POINT?

I received an email from a male reader the other day who asked if I have any female friends. I told him yes and could not explain why they are just not enough for me. Well…Hammer…if you are reading this…this is why I surround myself with men. Because WOMEN ARE ASSHOLES.


Anonymous said...

I Know Honey, I know. You are a mans women, your not in that leaque, you like men they dont. Thank God, your a good women.


Anonymous said...

From a mans perspective, I'd have to mostly agree with you. I'm actually amazed at the level of flakiness, general lack of appreciation and shitty attitudes from women. I dumped two recent and consecutive AM meets because of one or more of those things. One of those two, never once offered so much as a simple "thank you" for all the time, energy and expense I incurred in arranging hotels, lunch, dinner, day trips...etc. I doubt she even realizes why I dumped her...but her loss in the end. Coincidentally, I just got a text from an old AP last evening who flaked on me about a year ago. That was the last time I spoke with her and she won't get a reply from me now or ever. I have no patience or tolerance for that kind of bullshit.


Naughty Kitty said...

I honestly don't know why anybody acts like that. I generally treat people the way I would want to be treated. I wonder if any of my former lover's feel as though I treated them badly. The only one I can think of off hand is Xxx and he only has high praise for me.

Naughty Kitty said...
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