Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Payoff?

I have always maintained that one of the main reasons that I became involved with Ashley Madison was to develop a “tough skin”. I also hoped to gain a greater insight into men and how they think. Sure, I wanted this information for personal reasons but I also thought that it would potentially help me at work.

So the other day on a whim Big Cheese decided he wanted to take me out to a new client with him. Now without getting into too much detail Big Cheese’s clients aren’t exactly the most scrupulous characters. In fact the whole basis for Big Cheese’s practice is to keep these deadbeats out of prison.

So before going in to meet the new client we had to stop by one of Big Cheese’s other clients’ offices. Now this guy can only be described as a Joe Pesci type only not with that quality that makes Joe Pesci endearing. This guy makes Kitty’s skin crawl and Big Cheese not only knows this but he is amused by it. This JP jerk talks to women in general and Kitty specifically like I am mentally retarded. I assure you that I have far more breeding and far more education than this jerk. The funny thing is that although I do sort of cop an attitude with this jerk I have managed to keep my cool. Yesterday when we were in his office I avoided direct eye contact by pretending to read documents but I could feel his eyes on me. He stood very close to me at certain points and I waited for him to touch me. Thankfully he didn’t. Now this guy is EXACTLY the kind of guy that hangs with hookers. One way I know this is because Big Cheese has told me and actually showed me receipts for local hotels and Victoria’s secret all in the same day. Hmmm. Call me Colombo but I think I know what’s going on here.

So, my point is that my recent tolerance for this jerk in my opinion stems from my experience with Ashley Madison. I am able to look at him a little more objectively. I look at men now as potential lovers. I think more like “I wonder if he has a big cock. I wonder if he would shut the fuck up if I agreed to fuck him.” You know that sort of thing.

After stopping into see the jerk who offered me a chocolate covered strawberry (which Big Cheese and I joked was probably laced with something) Big Cheese took me over to the new client’s office. This new client looked like a BABY dressed in Armani. There was something about him that was very slick but he was also very immature which Kitty attributes to his age. See, that’s EXACTLY why Kitty doesn’t go for younger men.

Anyway, I observed Baby Face. I listened to him speak. I watched his body language. In the car on the way back to the office Big Cheese asked what I thought. I told him I didn’t trust Baby Face. He asked why. I told Big Cheese it was a feeling I got. It was like the feeling I get when I can tell my kids are lying but in reality it was a feeling that I got after meeting one slick guy after another on Ashley Madison.

That part I kept to myself.


Ben said...

Paragraph 4 sparks the question "How do I judge you, let me count the ways ..." Well, Kitty, I hope you start with my eyes, the window to my soul. My facial demeanor, with its look of experience and sincerity. My fit body. My hands, strong but gentle to fondle your body. Notice I have not gotten to my equipment yet. My cock, which is neither exceptionally large nor small, for the way I know how to use it.

You should write a trashy novel about Big Cheese's clients. It sounds like you meet an interesting level of the food chain.

Ben said...

Back to the previous post, doesn't the discussion on a blog, such as this one illustrate the problems of AM itself? We get to know each other BY DISCUSSION LIFE AS WE KNOW IT and problems with AM. AM itself gets too quickly to the sex. This may explain why it has been fun to get to know Ms. Kitty via her blog, but we would probably never have connected on AM itself.

This is why a means to go from a blog to a connection would be more promising that the frustrations we all see on AM. Hell, one of you could live 2 miles away form me .. or in a city where I often stop on business.

Naughty Kitty said...

Ben, don't think I don't know that you are trying to pick up women on my blog! Listen, I agree with you on all points. On another note I am so excited about the project that we are working on together. This project is so inspirational to me from a writing perspective. I have to say that I met that one person through my blog and that was a complete bust so there may be a weakness in your plan. XXX says that the men and women in this lifestyle are all lacking what it takes for true intimacy. I think after T-Bone I agree completely. From this point forward if Kitty hooks up with anybody it will strictly be a one and done type of situation. It is so sad but I have come to the conclusion that men cannot be trusted. Oh, I know Ben you are going to say the same about women but Kitty can be trusted...or at least I used to be trustworthy.