Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Apple Strudel

Last week all of my playmates were travelling for work. That’s no problem aside for the fact that Kitty was frisky and really wanted to PLAY. But Kitty took this opportunity to enjoy work and home life a little bit. As you all know I am crazy busy at work so I was able to focus more and Angry Guy is much more at ease when I focus on him and being a “good Kitty” which basically entails sitting next to him on the couch after dinner while he watches a game on TV.
I have to admit that I enjoyed the few emails I did receive from F and T-Bone. T-Bone was also emailing me pictures. He got a new phone and takes pictures of EVERYTHING then sends them to me. At one point he sent me a picture of his dessert which was APPLE STRUDEL. T-BONE WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? I opened the picture and gained 5 pounds just looking at it!!!

Now T-Bone and I are all about “busting each other’s balls”. In local language that means we tease each other endlessly. So now I call T-Bone “Apple Strudel” affectionately of course.

When I sat down to write this blog post I wanted to talk about T-Bone and how he makes me feel. We have only been together once but we talk on the phone and text nearly every day. We talk about EVERYTHING and we laugh A LOT. That is exactly what turns Kitty on.

So after T-Bone’s (a.k.a Apple Strudel’s) trip we talked on the phone and he once again began telling me stories about how awful his wife has been behaving. Now as T-Bone’s new and loyal friend I am completely disgusted by the way she treats him and at this point really have to hold back from calling her all the names that I want to. I really have to learn how to deal with this aspect of our conversation. Kitty really has to stop thinking “well if I were your wife I would…” Kitty can’t do that…not with T-Bone…not with ANYBODY.
T-Bone once again asked me if I thought he was attractive. He asked if I thought his Ashley Madison profile and pictures are alluring. Now am I the only one who thinks this is a conflict of interest???

I tried to assure T-Bone that his pictures are fine and he is an attractive guy but what I am unable to get across to my friend and lover is that it is not his looks that totally turn Kitty on. What turns Kitty on about T-Bone is his personality at least his personality towards me. T-Bone is very thoughtful and attentive to Kitty. Kitty LOVES that. At one point he had to abruptly end our call then texted me that he was sorry and did not mean to be rude. He also made a comment like “I always try to make time for you”. OMG! He totally does!!! My T-Bone always ALWAYS makes time to talk to me even if he is at work himself.

I have said before that T-Bone has a certain way of making me feel hot and desirable even though Kitty knows other men don’t see it. Now I am not going to harp on this because I am not a boo hoo type of kitty but there is a sincerity about T-Bone that I just adore.

Last but not least I don’t know if the banter between T-Bone and Kitty turns him on but it sure turns me on. When I hear him say “here we go!” when I start to tease him, it just makes me smile. I know that he is smiling too. I think he is so used to being criticized by Mrs. T-Bone that my teasing is an innocent game. I hope he enjoys it because I sure do.

Yesterday was Friday. We generally don’t communicate on the weekends and I know he has a lot going on with the Mrs. This weekend. She was having a party last night for her girlfriends. T-Bone wanted me to crash her party. There was a point when I thought Mrs. T-Bone and I would be friends if I weren’t fucking her husband but now after some of the stories T-Bone tells me about her I think not.

Anyway T-Bone gave me the signal to call him on my way home from work. He was stuck in traffic. When he answered he said “What’s going on Baby?” I got goose bumps. That’s the first time he ever really called me “Baby” and whenever he shows any type of affection it makes my heart melt. We had a quick conversation as we both drove home. He told me about his weekend events and then his phone went dead or cut off but we were disconnected.
I hope T-Bone is okay. That’s the problem with prowling. There’s never a way to truly know.

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