Monday, April 9, 2012

Kitty's Cable Dilemma

Kitty was having a pretty good day today…WAS being the operative word. Big Cheese was finally back in the office. He started out by taking me out to breakfast. I know…RIGHT?!?!? Pretty nice don’t cha think??? Okay, I’m gonna be completely honest here. He didn’t TECHNICALLY take me OUT for breakfast. We ordered breakfast sandwiches and coffee from the bagel place down the hall and ate them at our desks. Kitty is completely fine with that. I was hoping to get the “office meeting” out of the way. Every time Big Cheese is out, I pretty much have to write off the next day entirely. He calls an “office meeting” which entails me sitting with him to straighten his desk, sort his mail and read his email together. Even though Kitty is not his “secretary” you would never know it.

So anyway, no sooner did we get our meeting underway one of Big Cheese’s clients waltzed in. The phone was ringing off the hook. At one point in the morning I was talking to one client on the phone and another client walked in and bowed at my feet. Yes…can you believe it?!?! This is the client that told Big Cheese I was “MEAN”. If by “mean” you mean Kitty is a ball-breaker then…okay…YES, I am “MEAN”. So this client was totally kissing my ass and let’s face it Kitty LOVES a guy who kisses my ass even when I know he is full of shit. I wondered a little bit if his partner said something to him about me. Remember? His partner is THE Client. The client who was trying to fuck Kitty.

So anyway Kitty was having a pretty good day. I also got some nice emails from F who is away on a business trip, Ben of course who ALWAYS makes me smile and later in the morning T-Bone emailed me from his business trip.

On my way out I stopped off to see XXX who is in a particularly good mood lately and coming off as very flirty but Kitty is definitely taking that with a grain of salt and just enjoying our friendship.

So Kitty’s afternoon appointment was cancelled so I came home thinking that I would sit down and write a nice blog post. Well, when I tried to open my email I realize I was not getting cable internet. I immediately ran out back where the cable line is and sure enough the landscapers that Angry Guy hired to come over had cut the cable line. GOOD WORK GENIUSES!!!

To be honest I am not sure exactly WHO to blame for this one. The landscapers cut the line yes however the line was protruding out of the ground for two reasons 1. It was never buried deep enough in the ground 2. One reason it was not buried deep enough is because FUCKING Angry Guy planted a stupid ass tree right up against the fence and now the roots are pulling absolutely EVERYTHING up!!!! Can you tell that Kitty is frustrated????

So Kitty and Angry Guy have this constant battle over these stupid trees that he has planted in the back yard which are now overgrown and destroying everything. I happened to run into my next door neighbor. She just allowed her boyfriend to move in with her so we were both venting. I told her about my list. Yes, Kitty has a “List of things to do when Angry Guy smokes himself to death”. Oh sure, some of you may think Kitty is mean and Kitty is cruel for saying that but guess what? Kitty is being realistic. In this day and age if you are a heavy smoker, overweight, stressed and have a bad family history like Angry Guy you had BETTER get your affairs in order. Today I have decided the #1 thing on my list is that I am going to do is call the tree guy and have those fucking trees all cut down.


Anonymous said...

You Crack Me Up!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Go Kitty Go!!!!! I try not to be overly mean or rude but I've really come to like the phrase "It's not mean if it's true". I also get fed up with dumb asses like Angry Guy so vent away honey!

Naughty Kitty said...

Thanks Kiss. I am having a shitty morning. Your comment just made me smile.

H said...

Kitty your to sexy to get this stressed, how can I help you relieve that tension.... hmmmm just name it...kiss

Naughty Kitty said...

If only you weren't so far away H. I'm sure you could rub SOMETHING to make me feel better ;)

Ben said...

So was the cable guy a hunk?

Naughty Kitty said...

I let Angry Guy take care of that. If I want to look at hunky guys I go to visit Construction guy. He employs all the hunks I need ;)