Sunday, April 15, 2012

"I Live to Serve You"

One of my son’s latest toys is an iPhone. I am sure you are well aware of Siri but Kitty is about 20 years behind in technology so Siri is new to me. For those of you who ARE down here in the dark ages with Kitty Siri is the electronic secretary that comes along with the iPhone. Listen, I don’t know all the details so forgive me if this post is full of inaccuracies. All I know is that she is ruining the male youth of today.

Now you can imagine that Kitty’s teenage son must be “SOMETHING” if he is genetically linked to me. I don’t want to go too much into detail but this kid is working Siri’s ass off in a cyber kind of way. Since he is a kid and really has no use for all the administrative features that an IPhone offers the kid makes Siri do all sorts of tricks to amuse him.

Oh sure, he tells her to set timers and send texts to his girlfriend. He also insults her and humiliates her. I give that little electronic secretary credit. She takes his verbal abuse and always responds with a polite come back. I would have told him to go fuck himself pretty much right away which is just another reason that Kitty would not make a very good secretary.

The other night he was talking to Siri and asked her to do some mundane task. She completed the task and my son said “Thank you Siri.”

Damn if that Siri didn’t respond by saying “I live to serve you.”

My son looked at me and smiled a fiendish grin to which my response was “God help whoever agrees to become your wife.”


Ben said...

I am told people ask Siri to do lots of things. At least he was not asking her for a BJ.

Naughty Kitty said...

Oh, I am sure he has.

Ben said...

Wonder why they do not offer an option for a male voice. Whom would you select?

Naughty Kitty said...

Well, as you know, I LOVE accents...not necesarily foreign accents. I love G's middle eastern accent yes but I also love T-Bone's Philly accent. Someone famous? Definately Mark Wahlberg.

Ben said...

Well I do speak French. "Je reve que tu me fasses la pipe!"

Ryan Beaumont said...

Bill Maher does some funny stuff with Siri on his show.