Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stay Aloof Don't Pollute

I just had a little Saturday morning phone chat with my old friend Bad Boy. It was a short one today but chock full of good advice. Have I mentioned how much I dig Bad Boy? The reason for the call you ask? Well I wanted a consult with my favorite naughty friend in light of round two of Ashley Madison. I can always count on Bad Boy to bring me down to earth. Bad Boy is one of the voices that tell me to get real.
Basically he and I talked out what has been going through my head. Nothing that he said surprised me and he pretty much said “you just answered your own question.” He’s right. Kitty knows what I have to do. Bad Boy and I discussed my more successful encounters and the difference between them and the less successful encounters. Bad Boy told me about some successful affairs he had with married women and how and why they worked. Basically he said the women were not built like Kitty. Kitty is not wired to cheat or lie. He told me those women were “wolves”. Kitty is not a wolf. Bad Boy thinks that's a GOOD thing.

So after we hashed through things what we came up with is that Kitty is a believer. Yes, and in the Ashley Madison life that is not a good thing. Bad Boy said once again “Remember Kitty, you have all the control right now.” He also reminded me that these men will say anything they think I want to hear to get me into bed. Now since Bad Boy knows me in real life and he knows I am not a game player he speaks very openly and honestly with me. I told him that the men I show little or no interest in are the men that come after me then I let my guard down and WHAM!

So what do you think that Bad Boy said? He said, “Kitty, you have to act aloof with these men. Don’t pay attention to the bullshit they are feeding you. Just have a good time. It will come for you when you stop looking.” Is Bad Boy wise or what?

So I asked Bad Boy what I should say when these smooth talkin’ men tell me what I want to hear. Bad Boy told me to “keep a clear head, have fun and just say ‘let’s see how things go’” Damn is he the best or what?

As we were ending our conversation Bad Boy said “you know if I lived closer you wouldn’t have these problems.” Oh Bad Boy…if you lived closer Kitty thinks I would probably have a completely different set of problems.


Ryan Beaumont said...

Very good advice. Everything good in my life has come to me when I was just being me not trying to be what I thought someone wanted me to be.

Ben said...

Advice taken! LOL

He is probably right as well.