Friday, March 9, 2012

Hey Yo!

Kitty has to smile when I think of my new special friend. Like many of the men I meet on Ashley Madison he contacted me. There were several technical difficulties and he requested my key over and over. Then he began to ask for some assistance navigating the site. I am still not sure if it is a good or a bad thing that I am so familiar with Ashley Madison that men ask me for technical assistance. Anyway, I told him that I was communicating with Tom Cat and we wanted to see where things went before I communicated with any other man. He respectfully agreed and we emailed several more times just discussing his profile and how he could improve it. I assured him that his profile and his photos were fine. It was just the commitment that I had made to Tom Cat that prevented me from moving forward with him. Then out of nowhere he emailed a naked picture of himself fully erect. Damn! Kitty LOVES a good picture of a hard cock! So after things with Tom Cat did not progress he and I began to talk about meeting for coffee. He was so EAGER! Kitty loves eager although I have learned by now that these eager beavers tend to lose their interest in Kitty after we have fucked. But still, it’s worth a try right?

He pleaded with me to call him. You all know Kitty is not one to talk on the phone but I found myself with some free private time so I figured “what the hell?” Once I finally reached him his voice told me right away that he was a “Yo Adrian” guy from Philly. Kitty likes that. In fact, Kitty finds it sexy especially when he tries to find the words to charm Kitty and ends ups saying things like “Yeah I’d fuck ya!” Don’t ask me why that turns me on. It just DOES!

So we have been talking on the phone “Hey yo” and I. I hadn’t heard from him over the weekend and texted on Sunday which led to a naughty texting session which made Kitty wet.  He asked if I would be his “dirty little slut”. My response? What do you think?

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