Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Tom Cat

Kitty met a special friend on part Deux of Ashley Madison. I call him The Tom Cat because…well…um…he asked me to and it has something to do with his age. He was hesitant at first to be a subject of my blog and I told him that was not a deal breaker but damn he is just too adorable to keep to myself. He asked me to preserve his identity so um…DUH! I will tell you a few things about him that caught my attention. First of all he is older. His age was a concern for him but he sent me a photo of his body and damn if he is not in great shape. He is also adamant about treating me well and not hurting me. Now you all know that Kitty has her new set of rules but I give him some credit for at least making the effort to say it and who knows. Tom Cat may be that one special man that I can meet and enjoy without any bad feelings.

So after several weeks of email communication which drove Kitty out of my skin because it got so hot. Kitty and Tom Cat agreed to meet. I know your first question is going to be Kitty did you stick to your new rules? Well…no…not really. I know. That’s bad right?

One thing that I did that I never have done before…well…once before was had a phone conversation with him. I wanted to hear the sound of his voice and boy was it sexy. It reminded me of Bad Boy’s voice. That’s a good sign right?

We agreed to meet and Kitty was surprisingly calm. Now first off let me tell you that Tom Cat texted me when he got to the hotel. #1 he offered to pick up lunch for me since I was coming straight from work and wouldn’t have time to stop. Kitty thought that was UNBELIEVABLEY sweet. Tom Cat also waited for me outside of the hotel and greeted me so that I didn’t have to make that long humiliating walk of shame past the chipper girls at the front desk that may be starting to recognize me by now. Tom Cat of course spared no expense and got us a super duper suite. The shame of it was that we only really used ONE room…and the bathroom of course. Oh and lastly that silly Tom Cat bought Kitty a gift.  It was actually a clever little book to use for research for my blog. God that Tom Cat is a DOLL.

Now out of respect for my Tom Cat Kitty will not go into detail about our first encounter. I will say that there was a lot of  kissing, touching, sexy talk, licking, sucking, positions and one rather explosive orgasm as a result of one of Kitty’s trademark blow jobs after which Tom Cat offered to buy flowers and a thank you card for Bad Boy for teaching me how to give blow jobs. Do I need to worry here?

So Tom Cat, I know you said you don’t want to read my blog because you don’t want to read about all the men I am fucking but if you are reading this…I truly had a wonderful time.


Luna Moon said...

Your "walk of shame" reference made me laugh. I'm fortunate to live in an area with a ton of hotels, so it's easy to pick a different one nearly every time. On the occasion that I pay for the room, I always inwardly smile when the clerk behind the desk tells me about the complimentary breakfast, etc. etc. I want to roll my eyes and say, "Just give me the damn key card!" I have no idea what they think when they see my driver's license and I live a mere 15-20 minutes away!

Tom Cat sounds like a doll. How much older do you consider old?

Naughty Kitty said...

He says "old" not me. I have no idea of his age. I'm thinking 15 years MAYBE 20 but I don't think it's that high. He won't come clean on his real age even though I have told him several times it doesn't matter to me.

Ben said...

Hmmm ... older guy ... good shape (active bicyclist) ... looks good in a suit and out of it ... bit of an intellectual side .. should we get in touch?

Naughty Kitty said...

Sure Ben, email me. Kitty LOVES meeting new "friends" ;)