Friday, February 17, 2012

Nerdy Kitty

Today was yet another strange day in Naughty Kitty’s dull dull life. I woke us as usual and went to put my contact lenses in like I do every day. My eye burned so badly. It was like someone put soap in the cleaner or something. I immediately removed the contact lenses, washed my hands and tried again. It hurt even more this time! I cried out loud it hurt so badly. So now you are saying, “Kitty, what the hell is your point?”

Well, my point is that I ended up having to wear my glasses as opposed to my contacts. It was dress down Friday today so I just threw on a pair of jeans and a comfy flannel shirt and went to work. I figured I wouldn’t be seeing anybody except friends including Big Cheese so I really was not ready for the STIR that my NERDY look made at the office.

First of all without thinking twice I stopped in to say “good morning” to XXX. Right away he brightened up and said “SEXY TEACHER…WOW!” At that point I became a little self conscious. JEEZ-US! I wasn’t even TRYING!!

Next person I saw was my Little Latino Helper who gave me the once over, running his eyes up and down my body. He insisted on buying me a coffee today. It was at this point that I was like “WTF?!?!” I mean I didn’t REALLY look THAT different and who the hell knew that all these guys go for the “Nerdy Kitty with glasses” look. Personally I think it’s the combination of the glasses and my crazy curly brown hair but I continued about my day. Sure enough Big Cheese said “I LOVE you in glasses!” To which my reply was a smart ass, “because they cover my face?” He smiled of course.

The last straw was the cute attorney from down the hall who followed me around like a puppy dog all morning. Now don’t get me wrong I love the attention but in light of my turning over a new leaf…Oh let’s face it…I am just busy as hell at work and have no time for idle chit chat especially about my appearance which I am constantly self conscious about anyway.

And so, when the work day ended I was happy just to go home where the people who know me best barely notice what I am wearing and what I look like. Yes, it’s sad in a way but some days a Naughty Kitty just wants to be nerdy and blend into the woodwork. Today happened to be one of those days.


Ryan Beaumont said...

Glasses are sexy!

Naughty Kitty said...

It's funny you say that. When Angry Guy and I were dating I needed new glasses. I asked him if he thought glasses were sexy and he said "A woman who doesn't drive her car into a tree because she can't see is sexy." I never really thought about it after that.

Anonymous said...

That's not U... And yes I have to agree, glasses can be sexy, leaves to the imagination of whats going on behind them... 4 me that is.

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