Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rain, Rain Cum and Play

Ahhhh. It’s raining outside. That means an encounter with HIM.

HE works outside and in the rain…well…no work. Was it WRONG that I did a rain dance when I found this out? Was it wrong that the weather channel said it wasn’t going to rain until tomorrow and I WILLED the storm clouds to come out?

Well, regardless I was on my way to work figuring HE was going to work since the rain hadn’t started yet. It’s obvious because the outfit I was wearing was an outfit I would wear on a day when I am not expecting to run into anybody I want to sleep with.

So sure enough I get a text saying that he is working. Then the rain started. So I got another text saying “What time are you done with work?” And then Kitty thought to myself “FUCK!” But then Kitty thought to myself “NICE!”

So WE are finally meeting at a pre-determined hotel. Now I have to admit that as the time drew closer I became more and more nervous…not the kind of nervous that would prompt me to cancel. Kitty would never do that. But as I thought about it that initial “hello” and entry into the room is a bit nerve wracking for me. Once the first kiss is out of the way and the clothes are off Kitty is good to go.

Can I just point out that I knew things were going to be awesome at one point because #1 I hit no traffic and #2 I hit all the green lights on the way to the hotel. The only thing that really freaked me out was that when I got to the room there was a black cat sitting in front of the door. Is that some kind of an omen?

I tapped on the hotel room door. HE opened it and smiled his warm smile. I pointed out the black cat but he seemed completely uninterested. When I got into the room HE gave me a little bunch of long stem roses. DUDE, that is SO romantic!!! Can I tell you what a turn on that is?

So to start off  HE adjusted the room and the lights and the temperature to where I like it. HE has done his research and I have to say he is by far the most thoughtful lover I have had.

So as I mentioned before HE is handsome, rugged and an amazing kisser and you all know what that means. He was wearing a denim shirt and jeans and god did he look hot. I am not sure if he planned it but that outfit brought out the blue in his piercing blue eyes as well as his salt and pepper hair.

Now HE and I had a little joke going. See HE has an amazing body and like most men these days with amazing bodies he likes to exhibit his body. He sent me some beautiful pictures of himself when he was a little younger and yes, he was beautiful but to be quite honest with you, I think he is just as beautiful now. Can you tell that I am smitten?

My concern was how serious HE was about teasing me when it came to letting me have his cock. We began to undress each other. I was anxious to get out of my work clothes so I was undressed in no time. That left HIM. I unbuttoned his denim shirt without any problem. He immediately began to lick and suck my nipples. My objective was to get him closer to the bed and to finish undressing him but he pushed my hand away from his pants and warned me gently that I had to wait. He immediately went down on me bringing me to orgasm in no time. He was strong and knew his way around my body which is exactly what I love about men my age or older. He ran his fingers inside of me and went down over and over as he told me how good I tasted. I begged him to let me have his cock. He insisted he wanted me to cum. But I came baby, I came. Please let Kitty have the cock now!

Finally he began to remove his jeans and quickly put on a small striptease for my benefit. He exposed his huge erect cock and began to stroke it gently. I reached for it and expected him to once again push my hand away but he didn’t. I was ecstatic so I took the opportunity to put it in my mouth and boy did he taste good.

He took his jeans off entirely and laid in the bed for just a moment before I hopped on top of his erect penis. He felt so good inside me it was no time before I came again. I believe he came as well. We continued kissing for quite a while playing in between. I was thoroughly enjoying sucking his dick. He asked me what else I wanted to do and I opted for doggie style. Our bodies fit together perfectly once again. He told me he liked the way his cock looked moving in and out of my pussy and the mere thought of it along with the wonderful sensation of actually doing it made me cum once again. Again we moved back to kissing. Did I mention that he is an amazing kisser? Again he asked me if there was anything else I wanted. I told him this time I wanted him on top of me with my legs over his shoulders. These three positions well by most people's standards I guess they would be considered pedestrian. I only say that because there was very little kinky ness going on which is quite alright with me. Over the past few months I realize that although I am an open minded Kitty, I am quite satisfied with the classic positions and sex acts in general.

There was just something about HIM and I. We just seemed to really fit well together. I loved the way he said to me "it is so sexy to watch my cock move in and out of your pussy" while he was thrusting from behind.

I love how gentle he spoke when he asked how deep I could swallow his cock.

I love how he continued to kiss me nearly every second. I love how he knew exactly where and when to touch me.

When we parted he gave me a gentle goodbye kiss on the lips. He promised to stay in touch and gave me a wink.

I went about my day and tried to get some  shopping done. I was completely unfocused. God only knows what I bought. As I was driving home I thought about HIM. There is something special about him. He is laid back and calms me. I like that. I walk away from our encounter fulfilled. I walk away happy and satisfied. He and I can actually say we are going to be friends and mean it.

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