Wednesday, February 1, 2012

“Methinks Thou Dost Protest Too Much”

It always seems like we hear about a lot of divorces this time of year. It’s become an unwritten tradition that Angry Guy and I sit down for breakfast on a morning like this morning and compare notes. Sometimes I even inform him of HIS friends or co-workers who are getting divorced. I will see it on facebook and since Angry Guy is strictly ANTI-Facebook, I will see the news well before he hears the rumor.

Oh, not to get off track but can you all take a look at my Facebook badge to the left of this post? I am not sure if it will make life easier or not but I try to post the link everyday so feel free to “Like” me. You know how “Likes” make Kitty wet.

So as I was saying this traditional conversation inevitably turns into a conversation about infidelity EVERY YEAR since most of these divorces are somehow related to that very thing. This morning of course I made the mistake of bringing up XXX. Now while Angry Guy clearly does not know about my affair with XXX he knows all about XXX’s situation and HIS wife’s cheating.

Whenever the subject of XXX or infidelity for that matter comes up around Angry Guy you should really just clear the room. His lecture is like a freakin’ Holy Roller Sermon down in Arkansas on a hot Sunday afternoon in August. JEEZ-US! He goes on and on like you have no idea. All the while of course I am agreeing with him and nodding my head but he is way over the top.

I can’t help but silently think “methinks thou dost protest too much”. I try really hard to visualize Angry Guy cheating and I just can’t. I can’t tell you how many people have made the suggestion in light of his sex drive issue…or lack of sex drive but seriously I can’t see him cheating.

Is it wrong that I almost wish he HAS cheated? I mean it sure would explain A LOT. But I assure you he doesn’t. So what gives with the sermon? Do you think he is trying to get me to confess to something? Come on! I know the rule…”Deny, deny, deny”. Believe me that’s just never going to happen. Years ago I got a taste of what he would be like if he thought I cheated and it was not pretty. I just don’t see the point of confessing to clear my conscience while hurting him. After all, this cheating thing is MY character flaw…not his. Even the headshrinker said not to confess so, in the meantime I am just going to continue to agree and nod my head.

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Ryan Beaumont said...

You know I have heard that you can't get a little bit pregnant. Additionally, once you confess you can't go back. Truth is 99.99% the good thing but if someone doesn't benefit from truth then it can be bad. Of course, you are not lying if not asked so I would stay the course.

I love this quote from the movie Hoffa:

"Don't ever ask for information that's going to be burden to you once you have it...."